The Bookworm Beat 7/6/16 — The Hillary Moves On edition and open thread

Woman-writing-300x265Now that we’re the Banana Republic of America, I think it’s time for the #NeverTrump crowd to have a little “Come To Jesus” talk to determine whether they want Hillary the Untouchable, and her entire Leftist panoply of friends and goals, in the White House, or whether they’re willing to gamble on Trump, who at least gives lip service to a strong foreign policy that recognizes the problems with Islamists; supporting Israel; supporting the troops; supporting the Second Amendment; and supporting the pro-Life agenda.

This is not the time for holier (or “politically purer”) than thou. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is the time for imperfect emergency surgery to keep the patient alive, rather than an exquisitely rendered surgery while the patient bleeds out on the operating table.

And now on to the links:

No, Trump is not an antisemite. Trump’s Jewish son-in-law says stop listening to Leftist garbage — Trump is not an antisemite (or a racist) and he strongly supports Israel. Trump is being slimed by the Left and it behooves us to remember two things: First, the Left, from Marx to Hitler to Stalin and on forward to the present day, is the party of antisemitism in Europe and in America. Second, this sliming is coming from a presidential candidate who greatly admires Max Blumenthal, one of the most vile antisemites in America. The Left’s outrage is a con.

Trump is the only revolution we’ve got. Like me, Bruce Kesler was a Cruz fan. Like me, he’s recognized that we can’t always get what we want. In this case, with Hillary’s vile corruption and the government’s banana republic protection racket, Donald Trump is the only game in town:

Donald Trump is far from the perfect leader. But, then it takes someone with gumption and determination who will not be intimidated to take on the rot that permeates our government and self-appointed ruling class. And, Trump is the only revolution we have available.

Anyone deserves the end of our once-renowned Republic who stays home or turns coat or otherwise fails to stand up for recovering an America with basic laws and justice, an America which is not beholden to those who would exploit the government for self-aggrandizement or profits, an America with justice for all which does not favor the wealthy or powerful sycophants of state power.

Donald Trump is not George Washington. But he’s the only revolution we have, and very probably our last chance. I have faith in the American people who will bring us back from tottering over the brink of ruination to make it work when Trump is elected.

Read the rest here.

If you remember one thing in the voting booth, remember this: Hillary wants your guns. I cannot say this strongly enough: Without the Second Amendment, all other Amendments and, indeed, the entire Constitution are rendered moot. A government that controls all the weapons has entire control over its citizens. They have no recourse.

Hillary and her Lefty buddies really, really want your guns. And if you think that’s just me being paranoid, ask yourself why the Obama administration has spent more arming civil service employees than it has the Marines. The Left doesn’t consider Islam to be the enemy, it considers you to be the enemy.

And may I again recommend my own very affordable little pamphlet — Our Second Amendment Rights In Ten Essays — as a good primer about your gun rights and the Left’s gun wrongs.

Airport security creates barrels into which terrorists can shoot. As Turkey showed, all that airport security does is jam hundreds and hundreds of people into small spaces from which escape can be impossible. This isn’t security; it’s an invitation to terrorism.

Obama assiduously ignores American Jewish deaths. Last week, a horrific crime occurred in Israel: A Palestinian terrorist broke into a family’s home and entered 13-year-old Halla Yaffe Ariel’s bedroom, where she was sleeping peacefully in her bed. He then stabbed her repeatedly in the face and chest until, running out of room on her small body, he flipped her over and stabbed her over and over in the back. Halla died. The terrorist died too, prompting his mother to call him a heroic martyr — an ugly opinion that the New York Times tried to cover up and corrected only when caught in the act.

Subsequent news reports revealed that Halla was an American citizen. With that fact in mind, consider that, when certain America citizens die, Obama is all over it. He eulogized both Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown — thugs killed in acts of thuggery — as upstanding young men who could have been his own children. When Whitney Brown died, Obama was beside himself.

Other deaths, though, not so much. Obama had nothing to say, and has never had anything to say, about Chris Kyle’s death, despite Kyle’s extraordinary bravery and effectiveness fighting on behalf of the nation Obama leads. Obama also had nothing to say about Halla’s death at the hands of a terrorist — a familiar pattern Obama has when Palestinian terrorists kill American Jews. It’s his little “nudge nudge wink wink” to the Palestinians, telling them that they have nothing to fear from America on his watch.

Incidentally, if you think Hillary, with Huma and Max Blumenthal as part of her inner circle, not to mention her long-standing love affair with Muslim dictators, is going to be different, think again. So if you’re an American Jew who cares about the Jews’ survival, you better think long and hard about whether you’re going to vote for Hillary.

Islam is probably worse than malaria. While the plague, Ebola, and other epidemic diseases are the scary ones (as in, probably 90% of North America’s Indians were wiped out by epidemic diseases long before the white man ever got to be deliberately awful to them), the reality is that malaria is probably the greatest killer in all human history. Likewise, while we’ve had spasms of human killers in thrall to political or religious ideologies, none of them compare to the ultimate religious and political ideology — Islam. It’s killed more people since it emerged from the desert than all the other religious or political ideologies put together.

A great video undoing some of the lies about Israel. British Colonel Richard Kemp has some truths about Israel — and the lies Palestinians tell about her and that the media makes sure get lots of airtime:

No, you’re not crazy; your government is. Ben Domenech argues convincingly that voters aren’t crazy this year. Instead, they’re looking at a crazy, corrupt, self-serving political scene and trying, as best they can, to blow it up and return sanity to America:

But the truth is that the elites were only good at their jobs according to their own assessment, not according to the electorate. The stability the elites maintained was a stability that accrued to the benefit of Washington and its attendant Versailles on the Potomac hangers-on. For roughly the past two decades, it did not accrue to the benefit of the electorate.


The steady decline of confidence in institutions that began with Watergate and Vietnam is due to real failures of the elite leadership class. These failures undermined confidence not just in capacity to do good but in capability to represent interests. The list is familiar to you by now: Impeachment. 9/11. Iraq. Katrina. Congressional corruption. Financial meltdown. Failed stimulus. Obamacare. Stagnant wages. Diminished hopes.

Read the rest here.

Pope Benedict bullied by gay lobby. Yes, there is a gay agenda. Yes, the Left has been working since the 1960s to bring sex — especially pedophilia — into the Catholic Church. And yes, the current Pope is a creature of the hardcore Left. This is not your grandfather’s Catholic Church and, if you don’t like the direction it’s taking, you might want to consider a new reformation movement.

Climate science isn’t science. We’ve all figured out that social science isn’t a science at all: it’s a mish mash of Leftist belief systems masquerading under the more honorable title of “sicence.” The same thing is true for climate “science” because it’s now apparent that these alleged “scientists” don’t know basic . . . science. If you look at the real science about the climate, there is no need for panic — and especially no need to erase a century of progress in an effort to return a few human survivors to some stupidly idealized pastoral past.

Transgenderism isn’t science, either. Transgenderism is a form of body dysmorphia just as damaging as anorexia. Unlike anorexia, though, it’s politically protected on the Left. Worse, we’ve brainwashed generations of young people to believe this flat earth crap. A young Swedish reporter reveals just how deep the brainwashing goes and how great the denial it’s created. I am not exaggerating when I say this is a terribly disturbing video:

Can drunks give or revoke consent to sex? One of the givens of the collegiate sex scene is massive amounts of alcohol. I contend that, if both parties to sex are completely blotto, it’s unconscionable to hold the man responsible for rape if the gal cannot remember giving or withholding consent — and he can’t remember either. Rod Dreher makes much the same point, adding something important, which is that people who have blacked out have merely erased their memory function; they can still appear reasonably rational to those around them.

Here’s a great Facebook page: Occupy Democrat Logic.

More tomorrow (I hope).