The Bookworm Beat 7/11/16 — the Wolf Howling edition and open thread

Wolf HowlingWolf Howling had problems posting at my site, so he sent me some emails, which I’ll share with you. Because I always enjoy reading what he has to say, I’m going to assume that you too will enjoy reading is comments and following his links.

Did we make a mistake approving the 19th Amendment?

[Bookworm here: On behalf of all sane, normal, non-Feminazi women, I apologize for the preceding video.]

Pat Condell addresses generation snowflake now mad that old people were able to vote in the EU Referendum. He is always worth a listen.

A poster for your whiny Leftist friends:

Democrat cities are failures

Do you remember all those morons who voted for Obama claiming that it would be an opportunity for racial healing? That, the Iran Deal is the best way to keep Iran from a bomb, and Hildabeast is innocent? What a surreal world we live in. The only sure thing is that, sooner or later, basing ones world view on fantasies catches up with you. The only thing that can put off the day when the bill for such fantasies come due is to be armed.

I saw a line yesterday but forgot to copy it. To quote from memory, “Trump and Hillary are running in an election against the only person each can beat.”

And in the Dallas slaughter by the BLM, Micah X was blown apart by a killer robot. Actually, what the Dallas Police Chief did was turn to his EOD, that uses robots with counter-explosive charges to blow up bombs, to take out Micah X. One wonders if there is an EOD / robotics nerd in America who hasn’t been on cloud nine since.

I take great offense at the arrogance of those who are quite willing to elevate their minority position over that of the demos, whether that be the dreams of some Republicans of not honoring the primaries at the Republican convention or the left who are royally pissed that Britain’s referendum was won by people over 50 who voted in large numbers:

I’ll leave you with this thought: According to the most recent data from the U.S. Department of Education’s “Nation’s Report Card,” just 12 percent of American high-school seniors are at least “proficient” in U.S. history. On the other side of the Atlantic, one in five British teenagers thinks Winston Churchill is fictional. Do such people understand the implications of laws being dictated to them by unelected bureaucrats?

The progressive Left truly is a cancer on society. But in that its members are aided and abetted by those on the right who, when elected, did nothing, and who now wish to overturn the decision of the demos. If there was not so much at stake, I would wish for them to succeed so that the Republican party can be reformed, but now, at a crisis in our nation, there’s no time for GOP reform and it’s questionable whether the party even deserves to be saved.

A casual, almost throwaway sentence that makes so much sense in explanation that I find it rather titanic. I had always viewed the Left’s central focus on promoting sex devoid of morality and even pragmatism as something that had been part of the Left starting with Margaret Sanger and her ilk. Thus I was a bit floored by this throw away line in an article at NRO on how rape culture is working out for women in America, as opposed to Europe, where there is now an actual rape culture (with recent reports that some 2,000 men sexually assaulted 1,500 women on New Year’s Eve, data that the police, the government, and the media triedto bury):

““Free love” has been promulgated since the French Revolution in one form or another but became more widespread in the twentieth century.”

Marx distilled socialism to its basic essence in the Communist Manifesto, but he sidestepped one of the Left’s most important focus and most important tools, sex and “free love.” [Bookworm here: If you haven’t read it, I recommend my own article at American Thinker, Sex and State Power. It’s a few years old but still reads well — better, perhaps, even than when I wrote it, before gay marriage, before transgender headlines, and before Muslim rape epidemics.]