The best Melania Trump poster ever?

Melania TrumpLefties are thrilled about Melania’s little bit of plagiarism, and no wonder — if they don’t keep Americans focused on that, how are they going to keep American eyes of off the amazing speeches by Pat Smith, whose son died in Benghazi on Hillary’s watch, after which Hillary lied to Smith and then lied about Smith; Marcus Luttrell, who got off the teleprompter to make an impassioned speech about the good our military does and the fact that all lives matter; Rudy Giuliani, who gave a real stem-winder of a speech about American values and Trump’s support for them; Jamiel Shaw, Sabine Durden, and Mary Ann Mendoza, all of whom had children murdered by illegal immigrants who shouldn’t have been here in the first place; Sheriff David Clarke, who spoke about the fact that police protect all Americans; and all the other speakers who spoke to all Americans, rather than separate victim classes of Americans.

These speakers reminded us of America’s laws, which are being broken to our great cost; America’s values, which are under attack; and America’s people, who are being segregated (again) by Democrats when they ought to be pulling together. It was a class act — so what does the Left focus on? Six banal sentences.

As it is, the Democrats and their fellow travelers have worked miracles with those few sentences. So far today, I’ve seen a lot of very clever posters from Progressives:

Melania attack 1


Melania attack 2


Melania attack 3

Of course, none of those posters show the venomous flair that Nathaniel Friedman, a well-known (Lefty) sports writer brought to the evening when he tweeted about Pat Smith’s speech:

Leftist on Pat Smith

Friedman apologized later saying he was trying to be funny. If one accepts that as true, the Left has become even more disgusting and debased than we even realized. Friedman, of course, not the cause of this moral decay; he’s just another icky outbreak, and henceforth deserves to be ignored. (By the way, the fact that I am Jewish and Friedman is Jewish does not mean I’m going to circle the wagons around him. I am desperately embarrassed and ashamed that someone who shares my religious and genetic lineage would say something so awful, and I am calling him out on it, rather than defending it.)

And in the face of all this clever sarcasm and crude venom, what did conservatives come back with? Boring stuff, like the truth about plagiarizing politicians:

Politicians plagiarizing

Yeah, like that’s going to become a viral meme.

But I am here, ladies and gentlemen (and any fluid in-between individuals), to give you the best Melania-speech poster ever. Although I used my crude design skills to put it together, I can’t lay claim to its genius. The credit for that goes to J K Brown, who very kindly shared the idea in the comments section of my blog.

Without further ado, I proudly introduce the best Melania poster to date, one so good even my poor graphic design skills don’t ruin it:

Melania's speech what difference does it make