A moment of harmony with two young Bernie supporters

Che wearing a Bernie t-shirtI had at my house today two very nice young Bernie supporters who loathe Hillary but are #NeverTrumpers — which means, of course, two votes for Hillary. I did not enter into a political argument with them. Instead, I gave them a little food for thought.

I agreed with them that Bernie was correct when he diagnosed how corrupt our system is — and, I added, Hillary is Exhibit A if one wants to demonstrate just how corrupt the nexus is between American politics and money. Nods all around.

Where I differed from them, I explained, is that I disagree with Bernie’s solution, which is to concentrate even more power in government. Money, I told them, will always follow power. His plan, therefore, will increase, not decrease, opportunities for the cronyism they hate so much. The better answer is to shrink the government, decreasing its power, and making it less attractive to monied interests.

Whether because they were polite, or because I truly offered them something neither had heard before, both looked thoughtful and nodded in slow, reluctant agreement.

[I chose the image I did because I think it illustrates perfectly the type of utter moral corruption that invariably results from Bernie’s solution to very real problems.]