Big doings at the Watcher’s Council

WOW LogoFor the first time in many years, today is Thursday and I am not casting my vote for my favorite posts over at the weekly Watcher’s Council site. No, I haven’t quit. Instead, the Watcher’s Council site has been transformed into an online magazine of conservative ideas: WOW! Magazine : We Watch Weasels So You Don’t Have To. Council members and long-time council friends will regularly cross-post there so that people can easily read, at one location, the superb material that usually ends up in the nomination list.

The change is very, very new, so we’re still working out the bugs. Indeed, feedback would probably be welcome, although I can’t promise that it will be possible to implement everyone’s suggestions. In the meantime, though, I’d like to direct your attention to some of the excellent posts that you can read all in one place:

Obama Must End the War On Marijuana- For the Sake of All the Malias in the Country, by Scott Kirwin

Watcher’s Council Forum : Forum: Does America Still Have A Free, Independent Media?

This Speaks Volumes (a scathing poster about the Black Lives Matter movement)

The Freddie Gray Case, Update 40: They’re All Racists! Raaaciiiists!, by Mike McDaniel

No Weave no peace?, by Doug Hagin

Bill Clinton calls email scandal: ‘the biggest load of bull I ever heard.’, by PumaByDesign

DNC Delegate Demands Chants of ‘USA’ Be Stopped Because “That’s a Trump Chant”, by PumaByDesign

Fear And Loathing: The Psychosexual Element In Jihad, by JoshuaPundit

Can the 2016 election be rigged? Here’s How, by JoshuaPundit

DaleyGator DaleyThought-Marxist Moron of the Week time, by Doug Hagin

Move along, nothing to see here, by Doug Hagin (highlighting another example of Leftist insanity)

Lesbian Farming, Transgender Hillbillies, and Your Tax Dollars, by Doug Hagin

The Latest ObamaLie…’We Got The Hostages Before We Gave Iran The Money’, by JoshuaPundit

Milwaukee on Fire, by PumaByDesign

Over Regulation, the Economy Killer, by Doug Hagin