It’s happening at WOW! Magazine

WOW-Logo-1My time today was dedicated almost entirely to Navy League matters. The San Francisco chapter has a great president who has two admirable goals: (1) to ensure that members are educated about and supportive of America’s maritime services; and (2) to try to make San Francisco every sailor’s and marine’s best shore leave ever. You can get some inkling of the San Francisco Navy League chapter by liking its Facebook page.

Of course, being out and about limits my blogging but fear not! Thanks to WOW! Magazine, the new collaborative online magazine from the Watcher’s Council, you’re a click away from reading astute commentary about . . . well, about everything: politics, social issues, national security, world affairs — you name it, someone on the Watcher’s Council probably has something to say about it.

So, even though I wasn’t blogging, fellow Council members were, and here’s a straight-out list of articles you may want to read: