The Bookworm Beat 9/14/16 — the “Hillary” illustrated edition and open thread

Brian Calle, opinion editor extraordinaire
Brian Calle, opinion editor extraordinaire
I had the pleasure of listening to a delightful well-informed, thoughtful speaker: Brian Calle, who is the Opinion Editor of the Southern California News Group and oversees Opinion content for its 11 newspapers and websites, including the well-regarded Orange County Register. The 11 entities have a larger circulation than the LA Times, so Brian’s influence is far reaching. He’s also a professor at Chapman University and I think his students are very fortunate. The one downside of his talk (which I’ll discuss at more length in a later post) was that I lost blogging time. I hope that this collection of images — all of which have to do with Hillary — suffices for the time being.

Hillary needed more help than shot Reagan

Hillary cough doctor Kevorkian

Hillary fainting

Hillary truth supressants

Hillary president when over 78 degrees

Hillary deplorable

Hillary Colin Powell Bill still dicking bimbos

Hillary pneumonia photo op

Hillary Wicked Witch of the West

Hillary wait 13 hours benghazi

Hillary's basket of deplorables

Politics the debatesHillary defense

Hillary supporters are morons

Hillary double standards 10

Hillary double standards 9

Hillary fix is in

Hillary voter fraud

Hillary double standards 8

Hillary double standards 7

Hillary double standards 6

Hillary double standards 5

Hillary double standards 4

Hillary exonerated by FBI

Hillary double standards 3

Hillary double standards 2

Hillary double standards

Hillary needs feminism

Hillary deaths