Is President Obama reading my blog?

Palin to TrumpYesterday I wrote a post saying that Trump is coming under the same attack that Palin did, not particularly because of their politics or accomplishments but because in the minds of the self-styled elite that populates Progressivism, Trump and Palin “are not one of us.” For people who value form infinitely more than substance there can be no greater indictment than failing “virtue signaling.” Today, I’m asking myself whether Obama read my post.

Why? Because I’m seeing the same headline everywhere:

I wrote my “Palin to Trump” post to expose how shallow Progressives are. That analysis explains why Obama made his “Palin to Trump” comment: He was warning any wavering Progressives disturbed by Hillary’s incompetence, corruption, health problems, and mental stability, that they’d better not wander off the exclusive, fact-free, intellectual resort behind which they’ve walled themselves. After all, substantive things such as the economy, national security, government ineptitude and corruption, the rule of law, don’t matter. The only thing that matters is that the next president of the United States be “one of us.”

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