[MUST SEE VIDEO] The corrupt media is lying to you (again) about Trump

The penultimate statements that “Feminism LOL” makes in this amazing video sum up the important takeaway that every voter who wants to be informed should watch:

We need to restore integrity and ethics to journalism. I hope Donald Trump wins every lawsuit. There’s a reason they [the media] didn’t translate that cross-talk section. There’s a reason they didn’t analyze his actual body language in the video. They’re corrupt.

No matter how many allegations you hear in the news in the next few weeks, just go back to that tape and see how Donald Trump actually behaves, despite Billy Bush egging him on. If Donald Trump is going to make a grab for someone, it would have happened right there. But he never did, because he doesn’t do that. He was a perfect gentleman despite the set-up. Now I’m not saying that Donald would be the perfect president, but he shouldn’t lose the election based on lies. If the public really wants to talk about scandal during this election instead of the issues, then let’s talk about something real: Can we now talk about Hillary’s bleaching of emails, because that’s an actual crime that America isn’t taking seriously enough. How can she even be running for president. It’s lunacy.

Because I’m a fast reader, I often lack the patience to watch videos. With this video, though, I was riveted. Every word, every frame, is worth your time. Please watch and share.