Evil Trumpkins Whose Votes Should Not Count

trump-hitlerIt did not take long for the progressive left to accuse all those who voted for Trump as being (pick one or more) racists, misogynists, homophobes, privileged, uneducated, Hitler clones and / or fascists (list not inclusive.) These progressives have staked out the moral high ground and anyone who disagrees with them can only be evil on par with a Disney villain.  Such Trump voters are illegitimate, and thus so is the right of such people to exercise control of government, democracy be damned (unless it favors the progs, of course).  PC culture is the thought control used to enforce the distorted obscenity the progs substitute for actual morality.  The snowlflakes stock in trade is the heckler’s veto and their goal is nothing short of controlling the police power of government to enforce their brand of tyranny (which would actually look a lot like Stalin’s, I would guess).

My favorite cri de coeur from these prog idiots comes from Paul Krugman, who manages not merely to hit all of the evils listed above in his condemnation of Trump voters, but he adds that Trump voters do not care about the “rule of law.” That, coming from a man who was doing his best to put the unindicted felon Hildabeast in office, may well be the single most hypocritical statement I have ever read. Elsewhere, Zero Hedge has a horrifying roll up of the progs reacting to the election results with riots, flag burnings, and calls for Trump’s assassination (along with, in one case, everyone who voted for Trump). And is there a college campus today (note that the fish rots from the head) where there are not safe spaces, grief counselors and diaper changing stations?  The degree of narcissism and entitlement nurtured in these special snowflakes is dangerously psychotic.  Visit Ace for Exhibit 1.


But even that pales in comparison to the most insidious of the vitriol which comes from the professional race hustlers, such as that by Slate’s Chief Political Correspondent, Jamelle Bouie. What a worthless piece of garbage. Then there was this bon mot on MSNBC from Van Jones.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeXW1FA4frY&w=560&h=315]

I am so, so tired of this.  Unfortunately, these slanders and libels against Trump voters are allowed across our air waves unchallenged.  It will continue until these people start to pay a penalty for this crap.  I look forward to the day when people begin to look at being falsely labeled a racist with the same degree of violent anger that I would fully expect a black person to feel at being labeled with a racist epitaph.

At any rate, I am merely writing here to point out that nothing in the exit polls support the wild accusations being made by the prog left. Nate Cohn, the NYT’s data guru who is filling the hole left there by Nate Silver, tweeted out a response to Mr. Jones that “Clinton suffered her biggest losses in the places where Obama was strongest among white voters. It’s not a simple racism story.” I hope Mr. Cohn already has his next job lined up.

As the data from the exit polls is flooding in, all of the numbers point to the conclusion that there is no objective basis for the charges of racism. The percentage of whites who voted for Trump – 58% — was actually a percentage point less than those who voted for Romney in 2012. The problem for the left was that not every Hispanic and Black bought into the need for voting straight progressive as the race hustlers would have them, nor the need to show up and vote. Among both Latinos and Blacks, Trump outperformed Romney. Most importantly, some ten million less Latinos and Blacks showed up to vote in 2016 than did in 2012.  I am sure Van Jones, faced with that fact, would chalk it up to an incredibly efficient voter suppression effort by white Trump voters.

Not that any of this will matter to progs. They may be fact free, but they are narrative strong. Do not expect to be able to engage in rational debate with most of these people. We are beyond the point of any possibility of bipartisan agreement or governing with most of them. They want to play winner take all.  There is no room for tolerance or dissent in their world. We should engage in rational debate whenever possible, but we must be prepared to play winner take all as well when it is not.  Given that most of these people are pajama boys and Triggley Puffs, I like our odds.