[VIDEO] Prager U: There is no gender wage gap

The next Prager U video needs to explain why men gravitate to professions that pay well while women gravitate to those that pay badly. The Leftists will say that (a) the low paying professions get away with paying badly because women dominate them and (b) subtle sexism at college steers men and women differently. I can’t address point (a), but my personal experience leaves me thinking that men and women think differently and have different values and needs, which explains (b). Certainly in my world, once women started having babies, if they could afford to do so, they downgraded their careers to accommodate their families.

What say you?

Oh, one more thing: I’m seeing Progressives occasionally post Prager U videos on Facebook. I have the strong feeling that Prager U videos are subtly having a very big effect on public understanding and discourse.