Daniel Craig gender inequality PSA reveals a scarily prescient Bookworm

Last year, I posted about “Jamesina” Bond. Last week, Daniel Craig dons a wig identical to that I picked for him to push fake gender inequality data.

Jamesina Bond Daniel Craig in wigA year ago, I did a post, a very silly post, about James Bond in our brave new gender equality world. As part of that very silly post, I created a silly photo mashup, imagining how Daniel Craig would look if he were to act the part of James Bond in a silky, very feminine blonde wig. Despite its silliness, today’s post will make sense only if we take a few minutes to visit my post from last year:

I was discussing with a friend two articles today, when I suddenly saw the future — and believe me, it’s not pretty, or at least not any prettier than Daniel Craig in a lush blonde wig as he carries out his secret agent duties.


I’d just read that the CIA is bringing the same ethos to CIA hiring policies, right down to the Social Justice Warrior jargon (warning — AutoPlay video at link):

The Central Intelligence Agency three-year “Diversity and Inclusion Strategy” includes a dedicated program to recruit transgender individuals and agency-wide “unconscious bias” training.


CIA Director John Brennan said diversity and inclusion are “at the heart” of what the intelligence service is “charged to do.”

“This three-year strategy renews and strengthens our focus on diversity and inclusion and sets us on a course to further enrich our workplace and fully leverage our talented workforce,” Brennan said. “Combining what we have in common with what each of us brings as unique individuals is a powerful recipe for success. This is the kind of Agency our employees expect and deserve. Together we can make this happen.” (Emphasis mine.)


It was at that moment in my cogitations that Jamesina Bond popped into my head, fully formed. Thanks to the combination of Leftist academia and Professor Obama’s pressure on the institutions he controls, we’re ready for a new James Bond.  This is a James Bond who has realized that his rampant chauvinism and compulsive womanizing were all an effort to deal with the fact that, ever since he was young, he knew that he was really a woman trapped in a man’s body. In his efforts to repress his transgender identity, he embraced a hyper-masculine stereotype. Now that he can finally be his true self, Jamesina Bond (or, Ms. Bond, as she likes to be known) has decided that America’s CIA is the place for her.

You can read the rest of that silly post here.

Let me reiterate that I put up that post a year ago (thirteen months ago, to be exact). Four days ago, in honor of International Women’s Day, Daniel Craig and Judi Dench participated in a public service announcement about how miserable life is for women in the First World. Every bit of the data Dench recites is false, insofar as it completely ignores the fact that any gender gap in employment comes about because women make different choices.

These different choices arises because have different interests from men, because those darn babies come along and redirect women’s energies to home and away from doing the 60-80 work week men often work; and because women are less likely (much less likely) to do that dangerous, dirty jobs that men do for more money than one gets as a nursery school teacher or associate assistant to the assistant to the Head of a Womyn’s Study Department. The Head, incidentally, gets paid well; down the pyramid, though, the salaries are less exciting.

But, please, just for now, ignore Dench’s factually deficient Leftist nonsense. Instead, pay attention to Daniel Craig:

Here’s a screen shot:

Daniel Craig PSA

Did I nail it last year or what? I mean, this is uncanny:

Daniel Craig two wigs

The Left has made satire impossible. No matter how strange your imagination is, it will never be equal to the Left’s ability to move things beyond parody.

By the way, if you’re interested in the actual facts vis-a-vis women and men in the workplace, rather than the victim-fantasy facts to which the Left clings, you might enjoy this video:

Or you might appreciate Camille Paglia’s intelligent take:

As for me, in a world in which the Left is rapidly trying to erase the difference between the sexes, I’m standing athwart the barricades hollering “Stop!” I like the binary nature of masculine and feminine. Provided that each side respects the other, it makes life infinitely more fun — not to mention, all you Gaia-worshippers out there, much closer to what Mother Nature intended. Say it loud, say it proud: Vive la différence!