Circumstances keep driving me away from my computer and an Open Thread

Open Thread bubbleI really did mean to blog today but….

One of the young Bookworms (no longer little, but younger still than I am) is doing a darned find job of organizing things around the house, a task that frequently needs my input.

A client asked me to help research a really interesting Constitutional law question regarding a government agency’s ability to infringe of some First Amendment rights.

I’m having a dispute with a local car dealership, which has been polite but firm on my side, but that escalated this morning to scarily abusive on the dealership’s side in the form of a hollering, threatening phone call from a dealership employee. That’s why, when I took the matter up the ladder to the car company itself, I asked that the company take whatever steps it has to in order to investigate the matter without directly implicating the person who abused me because I am actually afraid of him. No fooling. Knowing martial arts doesn’t mean that I want to have a physical confrontation at my home with a maddened employee who feels I threatened his job.

What with one thing and another, blogging isn’t going to happen, but please feel free to make this an open thread. The world is an interesting place and guys are so good at catching all the stuff I miss or am unable to address.