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Trump and how to beat him, according to the Guardian

Unprecedented Ice: I’m A Denier 

Republicans Win Georgia 6 Election 

Not Unity But Civility 

How Cats Used Humans to Conquer the World

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The Savage Nation – Michael Savage – June 19, 2017 Full Show 

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Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 2 

Was It Terrorism? 

WoW! Magazine’s Forum: What Will be The End Result Of Mueller’s Investigation? 

Democrats Place Bounty on Trump Agenda, GOP Leadership Aims to Collect 

A Few Remarks About the DC Shootings

Another London Terrorist Attack

Seattle: Taxing The Second Amendment And Reason

CNN’s Startling Incompetence

When the Left asks us to “turn down the rhetoric” what they really mean is SHUT UP!

HuffPost Scrubs Article Calling for President Trump and GOP Leadership’s “Execution” Days Before Shooting

Bookworm Beat 6/14/17 — Never give a Leftist an opening