Snapshot USA: Decency in Houston; Indecency in Berkeley

Almost no words, just images to tell the tale of two American cities: Houston heroically surviving epic rain, and Berkeley barely surviving Antifa.

First, images from Houston, which is inundated with water. Fortunately, there are wonderful people in Houston who are doing everything possible to save lives.

And from the “God is really playing with Houston now” department, comes this mini Sweet Meteor of Death:

You get the picture. This is the time to dial up the charity donations, if you’re so inclined. The people in Houston are going to need a lot of help to recover from this kind of inundation.

And now we turn to the left of Houston, both geographically and politically, to show you Antifa running wild in Berkeley. And yes, I know that Houston is a Democrat-run city, but a Texas Democrat city is nothing compared to Berkeley:

Berkeley deserves what’s happening to it — and the more America sees Antifa’s true colors the better.