Reality-denying Progressives call MAGA supporters “losers”

Progressives again show their retreat from reality, this time with a t-shirt claiming MAGA supporters, whose candidate and agenda won, are “losers.”

President Trump Oath of Office MAGADuring the 2016 Presidential campaign, Donald Trump had promised “We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with the winning.” The MAGA team believed him and he turned the electoral map red everywhere except in coastal areas and large urban enclaves.

True to Trump’s promise, while his administration has made some errors (President Trump should have fired Comey and indicted Hillary on January 22), there’s also been a whole lot of winning. Here’s a partial list:

  • Justice Gorsuch is a win.
  • The roster of conservative judges President Trump is nominating to the federal court system is an ongoing win.
  • Withdrawing from the Paris Accord was a win.
  • The speech President Trump made at the UN, defining and defending American sovereignty was a win.
  • The ongoing effort to shrink the administrative state is a win.
  • Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos, and Ryan Zinke are wins.
  • The booming stock market is a win.
  • The slowly expanding economy is a win.
  • The Trump administration’s ability to block terror exporting nations from sending people to America is a win.
  • ICE’s stepped-up actions and the diminution in the flow of illegal aliens to the US are ongoing wins.

I don’t think any of the MAGA crowd are bored yet with this winning. They’re counting on more. The reality is that, with Trump slowly but steadily dismantling the Obama state, his MAGA supporters are very pleased. Moreover, as the guys at Power Line show (especially Paul Mirengoff), even those who did not vote for Trump, and are not true MAGA-ites, are pleased. It’s been a delight to watch the more reasonable NeverTrumpers come around.

It’s also been pretty darn pleasing watching the new converts talk to those who have walled themselves off in NeverTrump Land (a cold, dank, hopeless, ugly place). What they’re saying is that the obdurate NeverTrumpers have become intellectually dishonest and are making themselves pariahs to all thinking conservatives.

With all this MAGA winning in mind, how in the world does one explain this t-shirt?

There’s certainly some hard, cold truth to the t-shirt. The Confederacy lost definitively on the battlefield in 1865. The Nazis lost definitively on the battlefield in 1945. But the opposite is true for the MAGA team. It won resoundingly in November 2016 and has continued winning ever since. In what universe does that make the MAGA idea and its supporters “Losers”?

It’s as if the Left, after almost a year spent in unending hysterics and drama, has completely abandoned the real world and taken up permanent residence at President Hillary Rodham Clinton, a fairy-tale website that pretends that Hillary actually won the election. At that website, Hillary’s not traveling across the United States continuously adding to the roster of people, institutions, a planetary alignments responsible for failure in November.  Instead, she’s presiding over a Progressive golden age in which Hillary ends affirmative action for spoiled white people, Huma raves about Hillary’s perfections as an employer, the White House has a permanent rainbow flag flying over it, and Hillary prevents conservatives from traveling abroad lest they sully America’s standing in the world.

Likewise, at “Real Science” the Hillary fantasy lives on. In Real Science’s make-believe world, MAGA-ites have crawled into a dark bunker to lick their wounds and a Progressive worldview is ascendant.

Real Science’s fantasy does not exist in a vacuum. Separate from the Hillary Won website, a treat into a Leftist fairyland is consistent with the Left’s overarching and deliberate break with reality:

  • In Leftist Land, there is no such thing as fixed gender, controlled by a person’s DNA. Instead, there are 63 genders, all of which morph constantly because all 63 genders are actually fluid. This means that, in Leftist Land, boys are girls and girls are boys and all are both and and many are nothing at all.
  • In Leftist Land, the appropriate response to a murderous Allahu Akhbar attack is to repeat ad nauseum that “Islam is a religion of peace.”
  • In Leftist Land, America, the only country that waged a bloody war to end slavery once and for all, is a racist slave state with a flag that deserves to be disrespected and defiled (while England, which brought slavery to America, earns respect).
  • In Leftist Land, racism is genetically determined, with all white people being genetically racist.
  • In Leftist Land, the single most determinative factor about any person is his or her race, something over which none of us have control.
  • In Leftist Land, the earth’s ever-changing climate through 1950 was a natural phenomenon, to be admired and explored; since 1950, however, all climate changes — all changes, whether warmer or colder, wetter or drier — are man-made and are bad.
  • In Leftist Land, the fact that every prediction about anthropogenic climate change has proven wrong is utterly irrelevant because Science!
  • In Leftist Land, the free market, which is color blind, race blind, sex blind, sexual-identification blind, nationality blind religion blind, etc., and which has contributed to the highest standard of living in history wherever in the world its been applied, is an evil engine of oppression that sees white men enslaving everyone else.
  • In Leftist Land, you can celebrate Dr. Seuss in 2015 and, in 2017, make public a really nasty letter to the First Lady of the United States castigating her for being a foul racist because she sent a gift of Dr. Seuss books to your library.

And, apparently, in Leftist Land, MAGA-ites, the same people who got their candidate into the White House and who have enjoyed the way in which their candidate is slowly but surely fulfilling campaign promises, are “Losers.”

Hint to Progressives: No matter how much you want to play in Fairyland (or, in your case, Leftist Land), if you wish to win elections, you need to start living in the real world. (Honestly, I hope they ignore this advice and, indeed, I’m pretty sure they will because the absolute bottom-line reality is that, in the real world, Leftist ideas invariably fail.)