Trump Kills The HHS Mandate: CNN Preaches To Christians; The NYT Preaches To Progs

Whether it’s CNN telling Christians or the NYT telling progs, the message is the same: Christians have to get with the program; socialism trumps principles.

Christians Christianity CNNCNN is at the vanguard of a progressive jihad to drive Christian voters away from Trump.  CNN’s two openly gay (one married) hosts, Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper, are taking part in lecturing Christians that they have no business voting for or supporting Trump.  On Lemon’s panel, one panelist accused all Christians who support Trump as having “made a deal with the devil.”  On Cooper, Charlie Sykes called it “stunning” and “remarkable” that Christians would support Trump, apparently preferring that they would have simply wasted their vote.

As to Cooper and Lemon, I wonder if either of these two have ever opened a Bible, let alone spent more than a two minute block of time with a Christian?  If so, they might learn that average Christians see their religion and their freedom of conscience as under an existential assault not seen since the time of the birth of socialism in the French Revolution.  And none of that is coming from Trump or the right.

Most recently was Anthony Kennedy’s torrid, unconscionable. and blatantly unconstitutional act judicially amending  our Constitution to proclaim a constitutional right to gay marriage.  Before that was the Obama DOJ decision to unconscionably and unconstitutionally rewrite the Civil Rights Act of 1964, establishing new laws that create “gay rights”  and that allow for the prosecution of Christians in the public square who do not acquiesce. At the same time was the extra-constitutional act by HHS to establish as law that all Christians purchasing health insurance must not merely purchase, but also effectively underwrite birth control and abortifacients.  And then of course there is the prog effort, ongoing for well over a century, to act in loco parentis, beginning in kindergarten, to promote ethics and morality free normalization of sex, abortion and abnormal sex in America.

As to Sykes, what he is arguing for is Christians to act so dogmatically that they could not pull the lever for anyone other than one of the twelve disciples, thus handing political power to the Christian’s persecutors.  He wants to transfer his personal animus towards Trump onto Christians generally. 

Now, I have no desire to sit down and have a beer with Donald Trump. He is far too boorish for me, in addition to being a teetotaler.  But I will be the first to admit that if Trump continues down the path he is following at the moment, his presidency is going to be more consequential for conservatism than Ronald Reagan’s.  The economy is the key between now and 2020, but assuming he can get through tax reform and given the sword he has already taken to the worst of Obama’s regulatory overreach, I am looking forward to a better Republican Congress in control in 2018 and beyond.

So as to Charlie Sykes, let me just point out that on Nov. 7, 2016, the Little Sister’s of the Poor faced extinction over having to pay for abortifacients.  On Oct. 15, 2017, they did not. That may well have turned out differently if Christians had taken the advice offered on CNN.

A last note: While it is CNN preaching literally to the Christian choir about their support for Trump, it is Linda Greenhouse preaching to the prog choir and attacking Christians of all stripes in the pages of Pravda on the Hudson.  She bemoans the recent Trump decision to allow all people and organizations who have religious objections to the HHS regulations discussed above to opt out of purchasing health insurance that covers birth control and abortifacients.  She opens her screed with an utterly ludicrous comparison between the Trump administration and the theocracy of Saudi Arabia:

Saudi women are gaining the right to drive. American women are losing the right to employer-provided birth control.

The first development signifies a theocratic kingdom’s bow to the inexorable onslaught of modernity. The second is a cynical bow to the forces of reaction against modernity. . . .

. . . [I]t’s not much of a stretch to see in the rules issued by the Trump administration last week the fraying of civil society as the United States has known it.

Greenhouse manages to combine a paean to the ridiculous Marxist canard of the “arc of history” theory with the charge that Judaism and Christianity, the foundations of Western Civilization, are “reactionary.”  Then, in perhaps the most historically false statement I have ever seen, Greenhouse states that the Obama HHS mandate, which for the first time during several centuries of American history, penalized Americans adhering to well-established — indeed, ancient — Christian doctrine, was actually how the United States had always “known it.”  That is uproariously false.  And then displaying the unbound arrogance of most proggies, Greenhouse equates radical progressive values with “modernity.” Oh my, but this woman makes my skin crawl.

Lastly, Greenhouse, in arguing for continued imposition of the HHS mandates, ignores, as do virtually all progressives, the First Amendment’s Free Exercise clause – that Congress may pass no law prohibiting the “free exercise” of religion.  Bottom line, neither Congress nor the HHS has the power to penalize anyone for adhering to firmly established Judeo-Christian doctrine as it existed in 1787.  Period.

We were a Judeo-Christian nation at our founding and remained so through the mid-20th century, until socialism, under the banner of progressivism, came to our shores and invaded our courts.  I won’t get into the legalisms that Greenhouse discusses regarding Congress’s mid-1990 rebuke to the Supreme Court with passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (more on that here).  It is a red herring, as the question of whether the HHS mandate was constitutional is answered by the First Amendment itself.

And yet Greenhouse calls Christians “a fanatical fringe of the Republican base.”  What a scurrilous, odious woman.  Make no mistake, we are at war with these people.  It may not be a shooting war — yet — but they are playing for keeps and have no intention of letting the Constitution or democracy get in their way.  If you are not a progressive, they think you worthless and will roll over you in a heartbeat.  Join the fray, because if the progressives win, the future will be dark indeed, and likely bloody.