Further evidence, if any is needed, that Progressives are poor losers

More than a year after the election, Progressives are still showing themselves to be the poorest of poor losers — but I trust Karma to keep up with them.

ProgressivesIn the days and weeks after the election, many of my Progressive Facebook friend put up posts announcing that any one of their friends who voted for Trump was a racist, bigoted, homophobic hater, and should go ahead and unfriend himself or herself. Although tempted, I ignored these unfriending requests.

No, I’m not some crazy masochist who needs to surround herself with haters. The fact is that my real-me Facebook provides some of the best inspiration I get for blogging and there is no way I’m going to cut off my conduit to creativity. A year and a half later, those same people are still huffing, puffing, and whining, but they seem to have reconciled themselves to the fact that some of their Facebook friends — that means me — do not see Trump as the end of the world and will laugh at them for simultaneously calling Trump Hitler and demanding that he seize America’s civilian-owned guns.

However, yesterday I did get unfriended, and in a most interesting way too.

My story goes back to the Obama years. A former colleague and I fell into a pattern of getting together for lunch two or three times a year, just to catch up with each other. We did this all through Obama’s presidency, even though my friend knew that I was a conservative and disapproved of Obama’s policies and actions as president.

Yesterday, it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen my friend in a while, so I texted him, suggesting that we get together for lunch at a local (cheap) burger place. I sent a one-sentence text. He responded with a paragraph text. It boiled down to this: He’s overworked and underpaid and, in any event, he cannot dine with me as long as I support Trump.


My first thought was “What a putz.” My second thought was, “What a sore loser.” Keeping in mind that my values are the same now as they were nine years ago, it seems that, in my erstwhile friend’s world, I was fine to have lunch with as long as his guy won but now that my guy won, he won’t eat with me.

I sent him back a very nice text message expressing my hope that his financial woes would improve thanks to the spectacular economic recovery we’ve enjoyed in the past year. I’m such a nice person. I’m pretty sure that he will not thrive. As Don Surber frequently notes with his Trump Effect List, those who are eaten up with Trump-hatred have within them a venom that poisons everything they do. When it comes to the venomous Trump haters, Karma isn’t a bitch, she’s a fair-and-square player.


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