Bookworm Beat 3/5/18 — the Second Amendment illustrated edition

As long as Leftists savage the Second Amendment, clever people are going to continue to make posters savaging their tyranny and stupidity.

Second AmendmentBefore I get to the posters (and one video), I want to share with you something that happened today when I was at a neighborhood meeting. One of the women, an Iranian, mentioned that she’s leaving for Iran soon to visit her family. All attendees expressed support for the brave women who are taking off their headscarves.

The Iranian woman agreed that the revolution we’re witnessing is very real. She also had this to add: “It won’t happen soon. It will be at least two years. You see, the government has all the guns and they are very violent….

I do believe I was the only person in that room full of Marin Progressives who understood that this women, wittingly or not, had just made one of the most powerful pro-Second Amendment statements imaginable.

And now back to your regular illustrated edition:


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