Two posts about the threat to the West from Islam

A busy morning has prevented me from blogging (so far), but I’ve got two must-read posts about Islam to recommend to you.

England IslamAn Open Letter to Britain and the British People: My friend Rob Miller (aka JoshuaPundit) wrote this incredible post about the threats facing modern Britain, especially the government’s pervasive and craven preemptive surrender to Islamist forces. I can’t recommend this post highly enough.

The Betrayal of the Holocaust: It’s not just that current generations know increasingly less about the Holocaust, it’s that the world is so blase about inviting in the same Muslims who eagerly await, and plan to carry out, another Holocaust. This is still more true in Europe than it is at home, reminding me of the timeless saying that Europeans have never forgiven the Jews for Auschwitz, but as hardcore Marxism becomes a stronger force in America, we’ll see the same trend here.