Bookworm Beat 4/22/2018 — the Earth Day illustrated edition

This illustrated edition reflects my frustration as a blog writer — everything has reached such stupidity, I’m almost bereft of words.

Because day is Earth Day, let’s start with the Earth Day stupidity:

And now it’s time for a short detour to visit two genuine heroes, the first intentionally risking his life, the second drawing on deep and wonderful instinct:

Max, incidentally, is 17-years-old, deaf, and mostly blind. There is no love like a dog’s love.

We’ll wrap up with the usual craziness that is American in 2018 (plus a few words of wisdom to make you smile). Let me just remind you that, no matter how bad the Republican candidates will be this fall, they will still be significantly better than anyone the Left fields. If you like what Trump is doing, hold your nose and vote for whoever is opposing your local Democrat candidate.


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