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Schneiderman Gone

The nation’s most politicized state Attorney General and a “rising star” in progressive politics , Eric Schneiderman resigned less than five hours after after it became public that his idea of foreplay was beating up women.  Five hours.  That’s a new land speed record.  Virtually all politicians put up a fight.  Look at Anthony Weiner, who tried to remain firm and stick it out for months after he was exposed.  Look at President Trump, who is weathering the storm as we speak.  Look at Bill Clinton, who almost let a scandal with an intern blow up his Presidency, but still managed to bring it to a happy ending.  At any rate, the speed at which Schneiderman folded leads me to think that there is much more out there about his escapades, and that it is so damning even other proggies won’t protect him.

Schneiderman called one “woman of color” his “brown slave” and beat her until she called him “master.” Wow, this is (Democrat) KKK level stuff.  Who does Schneiderman think he is, founder of the Democrat Party, slave owner and slave diddler, Thomas Jefferson?  That said, this does not surprise me at all.  Progressives focus on race, gender, and other genetic traits as defining people, and that is textbook racism.  Virtually all progressive slanders aimed at the right are a projection of their own sins onto anyone who does not share in their myopic and dystopian ideology.  Schneiderman is just a particularly egregious example of that truth.

The Iran Deal

After a year of giving Iran and Europe a chance to fix the fatally flawed “Iran Deal,” Trump has pulled the U.S. out of it.   Richard Grenell, the new Ambassador to Germany, immediately tweeted out that new “US sanctions will target critical sectors of Iran’s economy” and that “German companies doing business in Iran should wind down operations immediately.”

This has all the Euro-proggies in a twitter.  The Euro-proggies, and particularly the French and Germans, are squealing like stuck pigs at the thought of losing their trade with Iran.  It seems that Merkle, May and Macron think that they can “remain” in the Iran deal and thumb their noses at the U.S.

Moreover, some in Europe have dreams and delusions of grandeur:

EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker has attacked the US for turning its back on its allies and says Europe must take America’s place as global leader after Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Right.  Europe hasn’t been capable of leading the world since the Napoleonic Era.  And indeed, since WWII, they seem determined to commit cultural and national suicide.

As Andrew McCarthy points out, the Europeans can’t thumb their noses at us if given an option of choosing trade exclusively with the U.S. or Iran.  Moreover, as to this “turning” our “back on its allies,” somebody needs to remind Juncker, Merkle and the rest that we’ve carried Europe since WWII, underwriting their experiment in socialism by taking on the costs of their defense.  It is long past time for some very tough love with these folks.

This is an existential issue as to Iran.  And it is an issue that goes right to the heart of why progressivism is bound to fail, the only question being whether the proggies, when they fail, will take all of Western Civilization down with them.  That may be the case if Iran’s mad mullahs get a nuclear arsenal.

It is an existential issue as regards Iran because Iran’s theocracy combines the evil triumphalism, bloody-mindedness, and expansionism of Hitler with a religion, T’welver Islam, that sees it as a duty to cause chaos in the world to bring about the return of the “hidden imam.”  It is not possible to overstate how dangerous the Iranian theocracy is to the Israel, to the US, or to the other nations of the Middle East.  The only reason it is not equally a danger to Europe at the moment is because the Euro-proggies are quite willing “to feed the crocodile.”  That said, unless something changes Iran’s trajectory, the mad mullahs of Iran will soon have nuclear weapons, compliments of the “Iran Deal.”

This “Deal” came about because progressives, from Obama to all the rest, ludicrously define all problems as socio-economic in origin, capable in all cases of solution by righting economic wrongs.  Progressives discount everything else, including religion.  To a proggie, religion – that opiate of the masses – is meaningless.  Thus do Merkle, et. al, see no problem with throwing open their doors to mass Muslim immigration and target anyone who points out the obvious flaws with that.  And thus was Obama able to reason that if we just supported Iran and allowed it to improve its economic standing, all of the mad mullahs’ meaningless dribble over the past four decades about death to Israel, death to America, etc., — words continuously backed up with deeds of terror and blood — would all go by the wayside.   Nothing before or since Obama supports that fantasy.

The Kanye Effect

Kanye stepping off the Democrat plantation has had a ripple effect among blacks.  Support for Donald Trump has doubled among black men, from 11% to 22% according to one poll.  Given that a monolithic black vote (about 90% since ’64) is the bedrock foundation of Democrat electoral hopes, that is causing more than a little heartburn on the left, and nowhere more so than among those blacks who make their living riding the Democrat gravy train.  Maxine Waters was one.  She essentially told Kanye to shut up and get to the back of the bus.

Another of note is Ta Neshi Coates.   There is probably no more of a pretentious, barley literate hypocrite on this planet than Mr. Coates.  He writes at The Atlantic, that bastion of brave free thinkers.  Coates makes a very good living as the nation’s premier race hustler.  His audience are white progressives who masturbate over his screed while wallowing in their wokeness and blacks who need to be kept in a dark fantasy world where all of America is nothing more than Mobile, Alabama circa 1952 writ large.  Obviously, Mr. Coates had to point out Kanye West’s sin of having an opinion not approved by race hustlers.  Thus do we get Coates’s latest offering “‘I’m not black, I’m Kanye;’  Kanye West wants freedom — white freedom.”  A snippet:

. . .  It is so hard to honestly discuss the menace [of stepping off the Democrat plantation] without forgetting. It is hard because what happened to America in 2016 has long been happening in America, before there was an America, when the first Carib was bayoneted and the first African delivered up in chains. It is hard to express the depth of the emergency without bowing to the myth of past American unity, when in fact American unity has always been the unity of conquistadors and colonizers—unity premised on Indian killings, land grabs, noble internments, and the gallant General Lee. Here is a country that specializes in defining its own deviancy down so that the criminal, the immoral, and the absurd become the baseline, so that even now, amidst the long tragedy and this lately disaster, the guardians of truth rally to the liar’s flag.

I’ll just repeat something I’ve said before.  Proggies have not thought through their decision to graft permanent victim classes defined by genetics onto Marx’s oppressed-oppressor construct.  Marx believed that the oppressed-oppressor modality would vanish once everyone had equal property, then everyone would join together in one big happy melting pot.  What proggies have done is push balkanazation based on genetic characteristics that can never be equalized.  Our proggies had best pray that they and race hustlers like Ta Neshi Coates do not win out, for if they do, this country will be “a house divided against itself” and history teaches that “cannot stand.”


Michael Cohen’s Bank Records

Liz Shields at PJM is asking the right question.

BOMBSHELL: Porn star’s lawyer has “evidence” RUSSIANS paid Cohen

Or something. This story broke last night. The hardest working attorney in America, Michael Avenatti, claimed he has evidence that a company “tied” to a RUSSIAN oligarch paid Trump attorney Michael Cohen $500,000. And this payment “might” have been used to pay off his porn star client.

Let’s take a step back. How does Avenatti have Michael Cohen’s bank records? You cannot just get someone’s back records. This leads me to believe that something very illegal is going on here. Where does this fit on an index of lie to FISA court to snoop on opposing political campaign and leak the newshook for CNN to report the fake dossier, is hard to say at this early stage.

My question, who the hell is paying Avenatti?  The answer to the latter question is perhaps obvious, but someone is paying him to full time represent Stormy Daniels, and I doubt it is Stormy from the money she is making at strip clubs and porn shoots.


Progressive Text Books

I was raised to very much have a live and let live philosophy.  About fifteen years ago, it became obvious that proggies did not.  It is only recently that I came to the conclusion that progressives are not just well meaning but mistaken, but that they are evil.  And I find little more evil than how proggies use their control of education to impose their ideology.  As Stanley Kurtz recently wrote:

The most underappreciated political story of our time is the changing content of K-12 textbooks in history, civics, social studies, and related subjects. Yes, I said political story. Why are Millennials so receptive to socialism? Why are today’s Democrats dominated by identity politics? Why have movements on the political right shifted from a constitutional conservatism symbolized by the Boston Tea Party to a populist nationalism? All these changes, and more, are connected to what today’s history textbooks are, and are not, teaching. Yet we’ve barely noticed the link.

And while progressive ideology must eventually fail because it is based on falsehoods and fantasies, the simple fact is that no group of people have been more effective in advancing their toxic ideas.  This is part of a long term strategy, the foundation of which has always been control of the education of children.  As Lenin said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”  Well, our children are now in the hands of Lenin’s ideological descendants.