Bookworm Beat 5/11/2018 — the “living in Trump’s America” edition

It’s an old-fashioned Bookworm Beat with news from all over, much of it heartening, because we’re living in Trump’s America.

Bookworm Beat logoI’m enjoying living in Trump’s America. Good things are happening — and, with Wolf Howling’s help, I’ve got a collection of good things, interesting things, important things, silly things, and thought-provoking things for you to enjoy:

Leftists are panicking as the “Dark Web” threatens their hegemonic control over “victim” groups. Yesterday I wrote about what might be the deeper meaning behind the Jordan Peterson phenomenon, which cuts across all of the Left’s carefully drawn tribal and victim lines. I’m not the only one noticing that what’s happening goes beyond mere pop culture popularity. The Left is noticing it too — and is worried, as evidence by the panic surrounding reports of a “Dark Web” made up of free thinkers from across the political spectrum.

As Wolf Howling told me, “It is two parts proggie arrogance, two parts virtue signalling, and one part bemoaning the ludicrous idea that conservatives have that they are under attack. Oh, and woman are under attack from Trump and Jordan Peterson may not run a cult, but his following is ‘cultlike.'” And of course, because this is a Jew writing for the New York Times, their article opens with the obligatory “Israelis are evil colonizers,” without a thought for Israel’s historic and legal claims to the land or the Palestinians’ genocidal obsession to wipe Jews off the map around the world, starting with Israel.

No matter what the Left does, some people insistently retain their values. A huzzah for a mother with values.

And no matter what anyone does, you will always have the stupid people. So who rang the “it’s nine lives” dinner bell??? Amazing that this group did not become Darwin Award winners. They quite literally cheeta’d death. [rimshot]

Still, it will take a long time to erase race-hustling ideas from people’s brains.. The term “white privilege” has nothing to do with institutional (and racist) favorable treatment for whites, and everything about a certain segment of American blacks complaining about being held to color blind standards. Exhibit One – the lynching. Exhibit Two – Los Angeles and STD’s.

Trump deserves the peace prize just for pulling us out of the Iran deal. If you have any doubt about the wisdom of Trump’s decision to pull America out of Obama’s catastrophic Iran deal, Daniel Greenfield will put those doubts to rest.

Jonah Goldberg ain’t what he used to be. Wolf Howling caught Jonah Goldberg making a point, without ever really getting to the point. In a post today, Jonah Goldberg says: “During almost every Supreme Court nomination battle, I try to make the same point: These fights wouldn’t be nearly so ugly if we didn’t invest so much power in the Supreme Court it shouldn’t have in the first place.” As Wolf Howling notes, the first thing to realize is that “we” didn’t invest so much power in the Court, the Court assumed its power on their own, much to the applause of progressives since 1930. And the second thing is that the magic words, “court reform,” never appear in Goldberg’s article.

Merkel goes rogue again and it will not end well. Merkel went rogue the first time when she opened Europe’s gates, closed since 1683, to the Muslim hordes. She’s doing it again. While Wolf Howling gets a kick out of the Europroggies on the fainting couch over the Iran Deal, he points out correctly that, if Merkle thinks she can have both security in Europe at U.S. expense and enjoy flourishing trade with an Iran on its way to a nuclear arsenal, she needs to be crushed like the bug she is. If it were up to Wolf Howling (and I agree), we would shut Germany out of the US banking system and move to have them dropped from NATO. Nor would he lift either of those two things, even if Germany relented, until Merkle resigned or was voted out of office. It really is time for hardball.

Both through its reporting and its silence, the media reveals how utterly corrupt Mueller’s investigation and the FBI itself are: One, Mueller probing foreign donations to . . . Trump’s inauguration. WTF. If that is the case, he needs to be shut down now. Period. That has nothing to do with Russian collusion and should not be the subject of special counsel. Honestly, if these assholes don’t start Civil War II with blood in the streets, I’ll be amazed.

Two, it appears that the FBI and DOJ may have been spying on the Trump campaign far in advance of Carter Page. If you can’t read Kimberly Strassel’s analysis because of the pay wall, you can get a little here.

Two smile-inducing stories from the wonderful world of animals. First, direct from deep in this African jungle, we have this report: “Ahem. Ma’am. we found your lost poodle at the zoo. Please keep him on the leash. He’s really got the apes agitated.” Second, in Latin America of all places, there is a dog that has figured out how capitalism works.


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