Comments caught up in moderation

Open Thread bubbleI owe an apology to anyone whose comments haven’t been showing up. I’ve been keeping track of comments that Disqus had held for moderation. What I haven’t been paying too much attention to, though, was my spam folder, which usually catches such spam-worthy things as excessive links, obscenities, offers to help out with erectile dysfunction, etc.

What came as a shock to me today was learning that, for some inexplicable reason, for the last month Disqus has been catching in spam comments from regular commentors (commenters? I’m never sure how to spell that word) — and, moreover, comments that don’t have a scintilla of anything spammy about them.

I’ve cleared most of those trapped comments from spam now. I apologize to those of you who saw perfectly innocuous — and usually very interesting — comments go nowhere. I’ll try to stay abreast of that more often.