For those who doubt my past Democrat bona fides….

Bill Clinton inaugurationI often make the point that I see things from both sides because I was once a Democrat myself. It was only after decades of thought, plus seeing how the real world works, rather than how the theoretical Leftist world works, that I abandoned my Democrat world view.

My closet cleaning led me to three documents that reminded me where I come from politically. Two documents were cancelled checks, which I shredded, along with the rest of the antique financial data I’d been hoarding. One check was to Planned Parenthood. The other was to the Brady Campaign. And then there was this, in all its gilt and engraved glory:

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t go. Nor at this point do I remember why I got this gorgeous invitation. I assume that I did volunteer work or wrote a very nice check during the campaign.

Certainly, when I look back, I’ve come a very long way.