Tweeting away the holidays

The holidays will slow my blogging down, so I’m making my Twitter feed available here because I use it as a holding place for interesting stuff.

Twitter LogoToday was a pretty good preview of what the next few days will be: family and cooking (or to be more precise, lots and lots of chopping). Writing a long form post was not going to happen. While I hope that I’ll be able to write a long form post over the next few days, I thought that I could keep this site interesting my embedding my Twitter feed in a post pinned to the top of my blog — this post, to be specific.

As you all have probably noticed, I’ve been relying on Twitter more for blogging. I’ve finally discovered what others have before me, which is that it’s a great way to stay abreast of breaking stories, to add sardonic comments to things that catch my eye, and to “bookmark” things I would like to blog about later. I know, though, that not all of you have Twitter accounts, so putting my feed here lets you share what I see.