Idle thoughts of a traveling mind

I’m on my iPad at the airport, preparatory to a longish flight, so regular blogging will not happen. However, I thought I’d use the downtime for a few idle thoughts, none of which are related to each other and all of which I share in random order.

I think conservative blacks are amongst the bravest people in America because the Left hates conservative blacks even more than it hates conservative homosexuals. They are also excellent tweeters. I have a theory about this. When people have to fight hard for their values, it makes them think about them in concentrated fashion. This concentrated thought allows them to express themselves well in a limited number of words.

Representative (D-Islam) Rashida Tlaib tweeted out that she’s a Palestinian, which is a nationality not a race, and a Muslim. Significantly, she makes no effort to hyphenate — that is, she’s not Palestinian-American; she’s just “Palestinian.” Tlaib has also tweeted out the old antisemitic slur that American Jews have divided loyalties. Am I the only one who sees the irony in this?

Regarding the shutdown, many people have pointed out that, while the media is suffering agonies over federal employees whose pay is being delayed, no one in the media had any sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of people Obama’s economy destroyed and, more specifically, for the coal miners he deliberately wiped out. Good point.

Shutdown or not, San Francisco Airport, which is where I’m hanging out, is running not just as well as usual but better than usual. I understand it long ago bypassed the TSA and opted for private security. Maybe that explains why things are going well. Certainly no one is suffering unduly here that I can see.

I hate airports. I’m someone who likes to have some sense of control and I have none at airports. It makes me crazy. I’m always worried that security will target me because I’m often shaking with nerves — but it’s not because I’m planning something awful. It’s just the mildly OCD person’s frustration.

Speaking of flying, I know this is heresy, but I’ve never had anything other than pleasant dealings with United. They’ve come through when I’ve made stupid mistakes or been stuck, and their staff is always both pleasant and helpful. Of course, I’m nice to them too, which might help.

Please feel free to make this an open thread  I may try to write tonight, when I’m at my destination, but I can’t make promises.