Legal research Friday open thread

Open Thread bubbleSorry for the silence yesterday, but it was a very busy day. This morning, I have a legal research problem, which has a delightful irony that makes me happy to do it.

My client, as is the case for just about everyone in my world, is a Leftist who wanted Hillary. (He’s also a seriously nice person as a client: thoughtful, a good communicator, intelligent, and swift to pay his bills.) In addition to being a Leftist, my client is a good businessman. That’s why he’s asking me to research a Trump era deregulation that’s very good for his business.

Because this is a professional matter, when I finish my research (and I already know the direction in which it’s heading) I won’t rub in his face the fact that Trump’s deregulation, which will save vast sums of money and make life easier, is not random but is part of an ideological tilt to smaller government. I’m hoping that this man’s intelligence and good will lead him to that conclusion on his own.

Anyway, I hope to be back blogging later today, but until then, please enjoy this post as an open thread.