EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: New moderation policy

I’ve been traveling on and off for the past few days and have been remiss about tracking commenting. In that time, several friends emailed me to say that PeePeeTape has become so obstreperous that he is making the site unpleasant for everyone.

Effective immediately, I have changed the settings requiring everyone to submit to pre-comment moderation before their comment will appear. But do not fear that you’ll forever be dependent on me before your comment can show. For those of you who are trusted regulars, after that first comment, I can identify you as a trusted commenter and you’ll be free to post comments after that without my go-ahead.

Also, here’s a helpful video so that you can screen out people who make your lives a misery. It works so well that they won’t even show up in your email feed:

UPDATE: I’ve got a little time while I wait for a phone call, so I’ll go through old comments and try to add as many regulars as possible to the trusted list immediately. That way, you might avoid Moderation purgatory.