Driving through flyover country

A drive through flyover country doesn’t mean abandoning civilization for flyover country is, in fact, chock full of civilization and natural beauty.

Flyover Country, Kentucky
Historic Boone Tavern, Berea, Kentucky

Blogging will be light today, for I am driving through flyover country. For Progressives, what I just said is tantamount to a Victorian explorer announcing, “I am journeying through the heart of Africa.” Flyover country, to them, is uncivilized, backward, and teaming with savage people.

As a native California, one born, raised, and living, in the apex of Progressive civilization, I therefore approached this drive with caution. Here’s what I’ve discovered so far about flyover country:

The highways, freeways, and city/town streets are well paved, often better than comparable roads in “civilized” blue California.

The same roadways are well-marked, with easy-to-follow signs.

The same roadways are mostly litter free.

There is a staggering abundance of natural beauty in flyover country. I find I prefer the mountains and hills of Kentucky and Tennessee to the flat scenario of the Indiana, but it’s all beautiful.

People are friendly and helpful.

Hispanics, blacks, and other people of color function exactly the way people of no color (aka “whites”) do. Moreover, all these people, whether with or without melanin, seem to interact with civility towards each other.

The heartland has complete cell phone coverage.

There is a ton of history here —- battlefields, buildings, birthplaces, and speciality museums. I wish I had time to sample it all.

People fly flags on Memorial Day. Not political flags, but American flags. They seem to fly flags at other times as well.

Unlike California, where people wear their politics on the bumpers of their cars, people here don’t seem to feel the need to use their cars as virtue signaling billboards.

Gas is cheap here. I like that.

Gas station bathrooms are clean here. I like that too.

The region is dotted with small liberal arts colleges. Education matters in flyover country. Sadly, just driving by, one can see (because of banners, flags, and posted notices) that even these little bastions of culture are succumbing to Leftism.

Although not densely populated, flyover country is teaming with people. The most recent Democrat effort to disenfranchise “wrong thinking” Americans through the National Popular Vote movement, which seeks to wipe out the balancing act of the Electoral College without bothering to amend the Constitution, is a disgrace.

The weather here is aggressive. We stopped driving yesterday, and were lucky enough to find a welcoming hotel, when a sudden rainfall came down so heavily it was impossible to see the road, despite the fact that two hours of daylight remained. The lightning and thunder were spectacular for I could enjoy them once we were safe.

More notes from the road to come….