Project Veritas proves Google uses Orwellian content engineering *UPDATED*

With the 2020 election in sight, Google is doing more than censoring content; it’s trying to change how people think to alter permanently how they vote.

Legislation is too slow — and potentially too dangerous, given the power it hands to government\ — to affect this problem in time to protect the election in 2020. Moreover, it’s never going to happen with Democrats in control of the House. However, I’ve proposed an alternative, which the Trump administration can do through the Attorney General’s office. I know other have proposed other remedies that can be effected more quickly. Something certainly needs to be done, not the least of which is sharing this video so it gets as many views as possible. (And I really like the irony of it being viewed as much as possible on Google’s YouTube.)

(By the way, as I am writing this, the Project Veritas site is down. Perhaps it got overwhelmed by the number of people trying to view it. Or perhaps something else happened….)

UPDATE: Daniel Greenfield, aka Sultan Knish, is thinking along the same lines I was thinking when it comes to stopping internet discrimination. However, because he’s multiple factors more intelligent than I am, his argument is much better and certainly deserves to be read.

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