Notes from the road and open thread

I am making another one of the big road trips that has characterized my life this year. Today I covered 622 miles, so I am really too tired to do any serious blogging. I can tell you that, as always, I am delighted by my travels through the United States. I am proud of this vast country.

Driving that much does give you a chance to think about things so I have a couple of ideas in rough form that I’ll put here and let you guys play with or ignore, as you please. The first idea is a riff on that old expression that the dark night of Fascism is always hovering over America but somehow always ends up in Europe.

As you may recall, Jim Acosta and other sleazy media types have been complaining nonstop that they are directly in the line of fire for dangerous physical harm, even possibly death, thanks to Donald Trump calling them out on their lies and bias. And yet Jim Acosta Is just fine and Andy Ngo, a Ngo brave gay, Vietnamese American journalist, ended up in the hospital with a bleeding on the brain, a ripped earlobe, and God alone knows what other injuries thanks to hard Left masked activists brutally attacking him in the street, while Portland cops stood by and did nothing. Tellingly, I haven’t heard Acosta comment on Ngo’s travails.

The other thing I want to talk about is Chief Justice Roberts. I think there is a pattern to his rulings. That is, he’s not just randomly swinging between activist and conservative jurist. But as is often the case with me, I must digress.

I am not overly familiar with the ENIGMA machine during World War II, but I know that the Allies finally broke the code. Their problem was that they couldn’t let the Germans know that they had broken the code. To keep the secret, they couldn’t preemptively strike every enemy target or put up an impregnable defense to every enemy attack. Do that more than twice, and the enemy knows that its code is broken and it dumps ENIGMA. This made for a very painful situation in which Allied leaders sacrificed troops when they could have protected them in any given situation — but to do so would have exposed the secret that the Allies had broken down the enigma code.

So what does this have to do with Chief Justice Roberts? Here’s my thinking: I have for a long time believed that the Left has some sort of hold over Roberts. The theory I heard was that his children probably were not legally adopted, and he’s been told that, unless he toes the line, bad things will happen in terms of those children. Or maybe the Deep State knows something else. Whatever.

The point is that Robert has been told that he can be a conservative on things that don’t matter very much to the Left. However, on the big things, such as Obama care and the census questions, he must toe the line — and toe it he does. This would explain why he does seemingly irrational rulings, such as deferring on the one hand to administrative decisions and refusing to defer to them on the other hand. Like the Allies with the ENIGMA machine, he cannot make it obvious that he is not an independent operator, but that instead the Left has broken his code.

I am now reaching complete incoherence, so I will stop. It’s up to you now, guys.