The Bookworm Beat 9/5/2019 — the video edition

Sometimes, as a writer, you just need to shut up and let people watch videos that say things better than you could yourself.

I’ve been trying to blog all day today, but I kept getting phone calls, emails, and texts that demanded my time. Rather than leaving a blank screen for September 5, I thought I’d share with you four videos that caught my interest today. The first is Tucker’s funny take on the Democrat/CNN Climate Change Townhall. Just so you know, when the Democrats get power, they intend to control every aspect of your life, including your rights to birth, self-defense, transportation, medical care, etc., all mixed in with a lovely dose of hypocrisy and racism:

Will Witt shows how disconnected young Leftists are from the human race, something that runs in a straight line to Bernie’s desire to kill babies in the name of the climate:

And keep in mind that, when these politicians gain power, they’ll have Leftist corporations come to them armed with every bit of information we’ve handed to them over the past decade: