Notice about emailing me

EmailA few months ago, I decided to give ProtonMail a try. I did this for two reasons: (1) it’s encrypted from end to end and (2) I hate being dependent on Google, which is an intellectually corrupt corporation.

The problem is that ProtonMail may well have the worst email interface since 1993 . . . or maybe ever. I get a lot of emails every day and it’s just so onerous reviewing and responding to them through the ProtonMail interface. Being weak, I procrastinate, which is irresponsible and unkind of me.

In the interest of convenience, I’m therefore (with a heavy sigh) once again making my bookwormroom at gmail account my official email for all blogging purposes. If you’ve been writing to me at ProtonMail, please change the address to the gmail address.

My apologies for the upheaval and inconvenience.