Yes, you’re at the right site and, yes, things have changed

It’s still the Bookworm Room, but I’ve remodeled a bit to make the posts easier to read.

It was time for a change here at the Bookworm Room to make posts easier on the eyes. It’s still the same old content, but just reformatted a bit. (Well, not really a bit. Reformatted a lot.) This post is to orient you to the new format.

The home page is now an illustrated table of contents for the most recent posts at the Bookworm Room. (Think of the home pages at American Thinker or Power Line.) The sidebars you’re used to are missing but, if you to a post, any post, you’ll see a right sidebar with

  • a pull-down menu of archived posts,
  • a list of recent posts,
  • my Twitter feed,
  • a pull-down menu of categories,
  • information about donating to Bookworm Room, and
  • a blog sign-up that should mean you automatically get information about new posts emailed to you. (Let me know if it works.)

This new theme is a work in progress. Old posts may end up looking kind of funky but as we move forward in time, I hope everything will be smooth and, most importantly, easy on the eyes.