Wishing you a musical Happy New Year

As I age, my only regret is that I can’t celebrate my truly happy New Year with my long-gone parents — but I can share it with you. Happy New Year!

Perhaps because I’m getting older, or perhaps because 2019 was a year of change and 2020 will be a year of even greater change, I’m feeling a bit philosophical about the transition from old year to new. For the first time in a long time, I’m actively missing my parents, my Dad who died 25 years ago and my who left us almost 4 years ago, which is different from the passive sense of loss every person with loving parents feels when they’re gone.

I think this active sense of loss is because I wish very much that I could pick up the phone and tell them that all is well with me. I’m going into the new year with wonderful opportunities and great happiness.

Moreover, I’m optimistic for my country. Yes, the Leftists are amping up the lunacy, but I actually think that’s a good sign. Their frantic behavior, both politically and in the social sphere, is not buoyant victory, it’s blind panic. Moreover, it’s off-putting to normal people, and I continue to believe, having traversed America several times in the past year, that most Americans are normal, happy people who want a happy, optimistic, hard-working president who puts their interests, not globalist interests, first.

To see the old year out and the new year in, I’ve assembled some of my favorite new year music. Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for being a part of my life. We’ll start with my favorite New Year song:

And one of my new favorites, a song that keeps getting better and better until it reaches a satisfying crescendo at the end:

Sadly, the video quality is poor, but this New Year’s Eve party from the 1936 version of Showboat always satisfies.

And then there’s ABBA. I seem to recall that this song marked another end-of-the-decade, that one when 1979 turned into 1980: