Missouri governor Eric Greitens was a training ground for attacking Trump

Can former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens recover his reputation from a Soros-backed political attack that was a warm-up for going after Trump?

I remember when Eric Greitens first appeared on the Missouri political scene. I liked him. He was competent, as shown by his being a Navy SEAL; he was a freedom-oriented conservative, as shown by his political platform; and he was Jewish. I’m not an identity politics voter, and I will not support a candidate just because he’s Jewish. However, the thought of a Jewish man who is both a Navy SEAL and a conservative charmed me. I was therefore incredibly disappointed when I first heard reports about his alleged bad behavior.

It wasn’t that he had an affair that bothered me. Since Clinton, none of us expect better from most politicians. What creeped me out were the claims that Greitens was into bondage and photography as a means to blackmail somebody into keeping quiet about an illicit affair.

Little did I know that those accusations were a Democrat warm-up to later accusations against Trump and “pee tapes” because, as I noted, Clinton’s presidency neutered ordinary heterosexual affairs as a political sword. The Dems realized that, if sex was to destroy a Republican politician, it needed to be perverted sex — and you can always count on Democrats to take their own perversions and project them onto those whom they hope to destroy.

Steve Hantler has written an excellent article with chapter and verse details about the horrible wrongs done to Eric Greitens. I urge you to read the whole article, but here’s just a little bit to give you a sense of how badly the Soros political machine maligned an innocent man:

This week, Kim Gardner — one of George-Soros’ hand-picked prosecutors — will finally have to comply with a judge’s order and testify about her and her investigator’s conduct in bringing a false charge against former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens.


An ex-FBI agent handpicked by Gardner, personally hired by her at taxpayer expense, and supervised only by her has been charged with seven felonies. It’s becoming clear that Gardner worked with the ex-FBI agent to stage an “investigation” into Greitens when in fact the ex-FBI agent’s “reports” were based on Gardner’s own work, complete with fabricated statements. Gardner later dropped the case against Greitens when she was going to have to testify under oath.

The damage done to Greitens was immense, and not just by Gardner and Soros. Greitens also had to fight against a gang of political insiders, some in his own party, who were determined to push him out. In a legislative “investigation” that would have made both Adam Schiff and Joseph Stalin proud, politicians — many of them establishment Republicans — called witnesses in secret, did not allow Greitens or his lawyers to question his accusers, and fed a series of false and misleading reports to the press. Sound familiar?

Greitens’ family was saddled with millions of dollars in legal bills, endured months of fake news attacks, and — given the coordination of insiders — faced the prospect of millions more in legal bills and endless harassment. Greitens resigned to spare his family a lifetime of debt, was exonerated of all charges, and said as he left office: “We’ll let history judge the fairness of this process.” That judgment seems to be coming in quick.

Why did a Soros-backed prosecutor go after Greitens? It’s simple. Greitens was an outsider. He was popular with people. And he was emerging as one of the nation’s leading conservatives.

I can certainly understand why the Left did what it did. Had Greitens been able to close out his governorship in the ordinary course of business, he would have been a stand-out candidate for President. There was no way Soros and his affiliates could risk Greitens — efficient, handsome, charismatic, and conservative — making a play for the White House. He had to be destroyed.

Unfortunately, Greitens lacked Trump’s wealth, Trump’s decades in the public eye, and Trump’s sui generis personality when it came to the attacks against him (plus he had young children). Also, as the first victim of this type of attack, neither he nor his supporters had any way of knowing that this was merely a generic template, ready for re-use. Trump had the advantage, in a way, of knowing what was coming thanks to Greitens’ ordeal.

I hope, now that Kim Gardner and her sordid sidekicks are being exposed, that Greitens’ reputation will be restored and his political career put back on track. I fear not, though.

Just today or yesterday (and for the life of me, I can’t remember where I saw it), I read the story of the rabbi and his defamed reputation. I’d link if I could, but the best I can do is tell you the reputation story. It begins with the man who was a gossip. He wasn’t mean but he loved to talk about others, and he could never resist embroidering his stories for effect. One of his little stories seriously defamed a local businessman, who complained to the rabbi that he’d been ruined by the gossip.

The rabbi summoned the gossip to his office and told him what he had done to the other’s business. The gossip was sad, for he had never realized the damage his little stories could cause. He had killed a reputation and he begged the rabbi to tell him how to fix the problem:

“What can I do to make it undone?” he sobbed. “I will do anything you say!”

The rabbi looked at him. “Do you have any feather pillows in your house?”

“Rabbi, I am not poor; I have a whole bunch of them. But what do you want me to do, sell them?”

“No, just bring me one.”

The man was mystified, but he returned a bit later to the rabbi’s study with a nice fluffy pillow under his arm. The rabbi opened the window and handed him a knife. “Cut it open!”

“But Rabbi, here in your study? It will make a mess!”

“Do as I say!”

And the man cut the pillow. A cloud of feathers came out. They landed on the chairs and on the bookcase, on the clock, on the cat which jumped after them. They floated over the table and into the teacups, on the rabbi and on the man with the knife, and a lot of them flew out of the window in a big swirling, whirling trail.

The rabbi waited ten minutes. Then he ordered the man: “Now bring me back all the feathers, and stuff them back in your pillow. All of them, mind you. Not one may be missing!”

The man stared at the rabbi in disbelief. “That is impossible, Rabbi. The ones here is the room I might get, most of them, but the ones that flew out of the window are gone. Rabbi, I can’t do that, you know it!”

“Yes,” said the rabbi and nodded gravely, “that is how it is: once a rumor, a gossipy story, a ‘secret,’ leaves your mouth, you do not know where it ends up. It flies on the wings of the wind, and you can never get it back!”

The Jewish story talks about gossip that is not meant to harm, but nevertheless does. How much worse is it, though, when a person’s name and reputation are falsely smeared across the nation’s media in a deliberate attempt to destroy his career? That’s an awful lot of feathers to get back.

Image credit: Eric Greitens speaking at the Coast Guard Academy (cropped). Public Domain.