Advice needed for help with the heath insurance market

After 30 years without having to think about health insurance, I’m having to think about it again — and I could use some crowd-sourced help.

I’m a Kaiser patient which is fantastic. I adore Kaiser. I wish all Americans had access to Kaiser.

Sadly, Kaiser is not in all 50 states and that gets to some help I need. When I’m in a Kaiser state, there’s no problem, and it will always be my go-to place for long-term health maintenance. As I said, I really love Kaiser.

My problem is that I’m not always living near a Kaiser. When I’m in a non-Kaiser state, I need insurance for emergency situations such as, God forbid, a detached retina or a broken bone or something. This thought is weighing heavily on me because I managed to slip going down the stairs the other day. I only broke my toe, which is truly no big deal for I’ve managed to do that many times before (and it’s such a pretty purple color), but I suddenly realized that it could have been so much worse.

I haven’t bought health insurance in almost 30 years, a time long before Obamacare went and changed the whole darn thing. I’m therefore an unusually ignorant person about the health insurance market. Do any of you have insights about how I can get health insurance that will provide emergency coverage during those times when I’m not living near a Kaiser?