I’ve finally got my internet back

Whew! My internet was down Saturday morning and I finally got it back late — very late — Sunday night. It turned out that there were a lot of problems. First, the modem that Spectrum gave me five weeks ago was defective.

Second, and much more critically, it turned out that Spectrum had accidentally canceled my connection. Apparently, after my internet was first installed and whether through human or computer error, the order for the installation remained open. That open ordered lingered in the Spectrum system for five weeks, at which point the computer automatically wiped out the numbers that told the Spectrum server to send an internet connection to my house.

Although the whole thing was incredibly irritating, I really have to praise the Spectrum employees. The technician stayed at the house for two hours on a Sunday might doggedly trying to figure out what was wrong. He and I spoke over the phone to a host of people who, piece by piece, managed to assemble the puzzle, conversations that I had to continue long after the tech had left the house.

Each person knew a little bit about what was happening. All were very patient, friendly, and helpful. All spoke American English, which made communicating with them easy. I was hugely frustrated because I needed access to the internet and it was getting later and later, but I very much appreciated how each person gave his or her all to figuring out what was going on.

So, I’m finally back but it’s way too late and I’m waaaay to tired to write a substantive post. After all, if you can’t use the internet, you spread mulch, right? I swear that my back muscles have increased by 1-2 inches from all the shoveling I’ve done on the 18 cubic yards of mulch I ordered. I’ll try to write again tomorrow when I’m a little less tired.