What have I been doing? What have you been doing? Open Thread

No blogging today because I’ve been busy from almost dawn to long after dusk. Here’s what I’ve been doing. What have you been doing?

The most unusual thing I did today was pick up my custom-made, all-American parts AR-15 (see above). I’ll get the red dot laser tomorrow. I’ve talked about owning a gun for years, but now is the time and I was fortunate enough to find a man who makes guns. I especially like the all-American parts, because I really don’t trust the integrity of Chinese-made parts.

My little Bookworm and her boyfriend are with me for the month because their college is closed. At the beginning of April, they’ll revisit what they’ll do (i.e., stay here or go back to their apartments in their college town). They’ve been angels, helping with everything around the house and cooking wonderful meals, so today was beach day for them. Our timing was perfect because, four hours after I dropped them off and as I was heading back to pick them up, the state closed all beaches. The kids, being sensible people, were at a fairly deserted part of the beach, but the police were kicking out everyone who wasn’t a resident.

While the kids were having fun in surf and sun, I took a friend to and picked him up from a doctor’s appointment unrelated to coronavirus.

We went grocery shopping, not to hoard, but simply because two healthy young people need a lot of food.

The kids cooked and I cleaned. I clean every week. You don’t want to know how dirty the house gets in a week. Plus, I did the laundry. Oh, and I washed the dog who was sandy. He sleeps with me so he’s always a very clean little dog.

Then I started doing research for my job (some of you know what I do).

The kids asked me to play poker with them. I’m no fool. Quality time with my children and their significant others is way more important even than my beloved blog. I lost hugely. We were playing for pennies, so I can afford the loss but it was still a pathetic showing on my part. I had lousy hands and I cannot bluff. Funnily enough, I won only one hand and that was because I inadvertently bluffed. I’ve only played poker a few times and, in order to remember the hands, I always imagine it as Yahtzee with cards. That’s why I thought a straight could be made up of four cards, just like a “Small Straight” in Yahtzee. I was wrong, but by that time, based on my “meta-bluff,” I’d won.

Now I’m back to doing research for my job.

Tomorrow, we visit the beautiful gardens at Middleton Place to see the spring and count the alligators.

Obviously, since I’m not in California, I’m not officially housebound. However, we are trying to minimize contact with other people.

How are you spending your time? Any good ideas for passing the time? Frankly, I’m never bored if I have the internet, my work, and good company. One day, I’ll even have time to knit again. Still, with a full house for two weeks or maybe more, ideas are always welcome.

Oh, and for fun, here’s a mom who doesn’t want to homeschool. I love the way she admits that the whole thing is making her look stupid. Incidentally, she’s a special ed teacher, so a lot of this is obviously exaggerated for effect: