Happy July 4th! Happy Independence Day!

On this July 4th, don’t let the bastards get you down. We’re not dead yet, we know what we need to do, and we can do it to reinvigorate our liberties.

Imagine that you live in a beautiful house that, unbeknownst to you, has had termites lurking within the walls, eating away relentlessly at its foundation, with the resulting dry rot speeding the process. Distracted by the house’s external beauty, you’re unaware of the destruction within. And then, one day, its foundation destroyed, the house collapses. Everything is gone.

Let’s have a better scenario: You live in a beautiful house. You know that there’s a termite problem but money is tight and you keep putting off the big repair. Instead, you do patches here and there. You spray a little, you fix the ugly parts, and you muddle along, hoping and praying that your home will keep going. This actually works for a while. Then, one day, a whole wall — not the whole house, but a wall — collapses. Suddenly, you see inside and understand what’s really going on. Those termites are hard at work and you have a choice: Put aside the other distractions, as well as the demands on your time and money, and fix the house, or let the house collapse. Goaded into action by your urgent desire to save the house you act and — voila! — your house still stands and, if you’re really diligent, you’ve cleared out the dry rot and the termites entirely.

Obviously, that house is America and leftism is the termite infestation. We Americans have known for a while that leftism is eating away at America. We’re not facing a sudden, surprising collapse. Instead, we’re in the fortunate situation in which one wall has fallen and we can see the rot within. With Democrats bankrupting their own states and burning their own cities, we know what we need to do.

Doing nothing is an option but it’s a terrible option. Instead, it’s up to us to stand up and fight for our country. We do that by pushing back hard against cancel culture, against the insistence that “racism” is whatever the left doesn’t like, against the relentless pressure to take our guns. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of worship, the right to bear arms, and all the other extraordinary rights spelled out in our Constitution.

Ultimately, no matter their violence, their cancel culture, and their bullying, the leftists can’t just takeĀ it from us; we can only let them have it, like the person who ignores the termites entirely or, once aware of them, let’s them have their way. Over and over, in both war and peace, prior generations of Americans have fought and worked for liberty. This year, more than any other year in my long(ish) lifetime, we can’t take it for granted. We have to work and fight too.

July 4th is the celebration day, the rallying day, for those of us who fight. We fight by refusing to be silenced. We fight by pushing back against “woke” corporations instead of meekly buying their products as they abuse us. We fight by turning off woke sports that make it clear they hate us. Life isn’t normal and we can’t pretend it is. We need to rebuild our house.

Happy July 4th. Happy Re-Independence Day!

(And p.s., VOTE FOR TRUMP IN 2020. He’s our fighting general and we need him.)