Conservatives: It is imperative that you vote for Trump in November

Some wrongly think that this year, as in other years, a conservative “get out the vote” effort matters only in swing states. This year every vote matters.

I was talking to a California conservative friend who is stuck inside because of the Wuhan virus. She asked me, “What can I do to make a difference?”

My answer was, simply, “Vote.”

“Why should I bother?” she asked. “My vote doesn’t count in California.”

Normally, that would be true. Most conservatives feel that their votes count only in close swing states. In a state like California, Hillary got almost 62% of the vote, with Trump pulling in slightly over half that amount, at 32%. The Republican party is moribund and conservatives vote mostly because they feel it’s their civic duty, not because they believe it will make a difference.

Meanwhile, in red states such as Tennessee, conservatives have a certain hubris that leaves them thinking, “If I forget to vote, it won’t really matter because the Republican candidate is a shoo-in.” So they stay home because why bother?

This year, though, is different.

Here’s what I think might happen in blue states: There is a growing silent majority — and no, I can’t prove it, I just feel it — that will experience a sense of terror or revulsion at the thought of voting for a demented Biden and the hard-left, anarchic baggage he brings with him. In the privacy of the voting booth, no matter what they tell their friends or post on social media, the people in this silent minority will vote for Trump. They might not feel good about it but they will.

These “Trump Democrats” can make a difference, though, only if solid conservatives are out there voting too. Can you imagine the horrible irony if 20% of Democrat Californians cast their votes for Trump, only to have the 32% of Republican Californians stay home because they don’t think voting is worth the effort?

Look at it this way: If I’m wrong and those “Trump Democrats” don’t show up, there’s still no harm/no foul when every Republican in California votes for Trump. California will be as reliably blue as it’s been for the past few elections but at least Republicans will have made a statement.

However, if those disaffected (and frightened) Democrats do show up to cast a vote for Trump, their votes, combined with those 32% or more of California’s stalwart Republicans, could change the course of American history. California, after all, has a lot of Electoral College votes at stake.

Meanwhile, in the red states, we can anticipate voter fraud on a scale never seen before. Just think what happened in 2018 in Orange County, California, a reliably Republican redoubt that suddenly voted Democrat. That was because of “ballot harvesting,” a form of sanctioned voter fraud.

Democrats being Democrats, we should expect some form or another of fraud across America. You only need to look at how Democrats are inflating Wuhan virus counts to justify mail-in voting (an invitation to fraud), to know that I’m right. Ballots will be stolen and, additionally, every graveyard in America will be raided for more votes. The only way to counter fraud on this scale has to be an overwhelming pro-Trump turnout in every state, not just in the swing states, but in the red ones as well. We need to out-vote the fraud vote.

If there was ever an election in which every vote counts, this one is that election. Whether you’re in a red, blue, or swing state, if you stay home this November you, personally — YOU — could be responsible for putting Biden in the White House and handing him a compliant Democrat Congress. And as you’ve seen with the riots in the past few months, that doesn’t mean that America just leans left. It means America is gone.