The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Trump, Obama, and Bill Clinton are in the news

Trump, Obama, and Bill Clinton were all in the news on Thursday. Trump’s the Good, Obama’s the Bad, and Bill Clinton is the really, really Ugly.

What a day for news, with three presidents making headlines. In my mind, the stories break down into “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Before I begin, let me set the scene with this iconic theme:

Okay. Are you ready? Here goes.

The Good is Donald Trump. On Thursday, Donald Trump put out a tweet in which he lambasted the Democrats “let’s do all voting by mail” idea and, instead, suggested delaying the election.

Before even quoting the tweet, let me say that Trump is not an idiot. He knows that he lacks the authority to change the statutory election day. That’s why he threw out a query, rather than making a statement. He also knows that the Democrats are obsessed with the idea that he might refuse to leave office. That means he knows that a suggestion about delaying the election would have them scurrying around like rats hopped up on meth. He meant to rile them with this tweet:

You can see that the tweet got a heck of a lot of likes. This is not because people want to move election day. It’s because, as Saleno Zito long ago said, “the press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.” If you read through the tweets, you’ll see that most people who are not in the media, or Democrat operatives, or have their heads up their fundament, instantly understood what he was doing:

Yup, Trump was making a point. Of course, we can vote. Indeed, what he’s doing is an extension of this meme I found and posted here the other day:

Leftists responded as predicted, which was to insist that there’s no way to move the election. It must take place on November 3. That’s good for Trump. There’s no benefit to him in having Biden become so obviously incapacitated that someone else more competent is put in his place. Trump is totally capable of debating any of the Democrat token-black-women choices for veep, but he’d obviously prefer to be contrasted with Biden.

Additionally, as Trump knew would happen, his tweet started a discussion about something that’s currently just been for political junkies, and that is the problem of mass voting by mail. To date, most people have confused it with absentee ballots. Those, however, get put in place only when a registered voter requests a ballot. What some Democrats are proposing is to mail ballots to everyone who has a driver’s license. In 15 states, this includes illegal aliens.

There no telling if people are still at the addresses to which the ballots will be mailed and there’s no reason to believe that all these people intend to vote. These ballots will be floating around, completely up for grabs.

There’s also good reason to believe that the post office will lose a lot of them. After all, over the last four elections, 28 million properly requested absentee ballots went missing. Meanwhile, in New York City, which had an unusual number of absentee ballots, the outcome is still uncertain a month later. Trump believes that, as people start thinking about the mail-in ballot issue and see how their votes are at risk, they’re going to want to put their masks on, socially distance themselves, and head for the polls.

Trump crowed that he’s forced an important issue into the public eye:

And one more thing: Democrats keep claiming that Republicans are racist because they demand ID to vote. First, the claim is racist because, in today’s society, everyone knows about, can get, and has ID. You need ID for everything, absolutely everything. But think about this: If Democrats want to mail ballots to everyone with an ID doesn’t that mean all the people whom they want to vote have IDs?

I consider the tweet a win for Trump.

The Bad is Obama. Obama went to John Lewis’s funeral. Once there, he gave a very traditional eulogy for Lewis, remembering his life and accomplishments. Having down that, Obama went straight for dirty demagoguery.

Obama came this close to saying that Trump is George Wallace, the Democrat racist governor of Alabama in the 1950s, and that federal law enforcement officers fighting against Antifa terrorists are Bull Connors (the guy who ordered dogs to attack peaceful civil rights protesters). Then, Obama insisted on mail-in ballots, automatic voter registration with driver’s licenses, ex-felon voting, and the end of the filibuster to make these Democrat dreams a reality.

I don’t have much good to say about the John Lewis who died. The man who fought for civil rights at Martin Luther King’s side was a brave and decent man and a true American hero. The man who sat in Congress after Martin Luther King’s death was a race-baiting sellout. The man who died would have applauded Obama’s going low. Martin Luther King would not have, and I don’t think young John Lewis would have either.

The Ugly is Bill Clinton. A court released some of the documents from an earlier trial involving Ghislaine Maxwell. Bill Clinton’s name came up. After my little discussion about the documents, you’ll find a thread by Techno Fog and a thread by Cernovich filling you in on the details.

I don’t doubt that Bill Clinton was hanging with Epstein. Indeed, we already know he was. Whether he was having orgies with Epstein and young girls is dependent on whether one believes the witnesses. I have no information about whether they are reliable or not.

Alan Dershowitz swears up and down, left and right, that the allegations about his presence on the island are absolute lies. More to the point, he claims to have irrefutable evidence that he was absolutely elsewhere. If he is correct about that — if he was named for some nefarious purpose other than his actual conduct — how credible are the rest of the allegations?

After the thread from Techno Fog, you’ll find another one from Cernovich. This one lists some of the names that showed up in the deposition. There were apparently a whole lot more that were redacted. What bugs me is the number of Jewish names there: Alan Dershowitz, Glenn Dubin, Stephen Kaufmann (who I assume is Jewish because of the name, although he may not be), and Marvin Minsky (who is dead and cannot defend himself). I have a few thoughts about this:

  1. If this is true, I’m unbelievably embarrassed that Jewish men would do this. It is disgusting, appalling, and disturbing. It feeds into every anti-Semitic stereotype. If these men really did what is alleged, prison is the only place for them.
  2. If Dershowitz is correct that he can prove the allegations again him are false, then it’s conceivable the allegations against the others are untrue too. That raises the possibility that the witness (or witnesses), about whom I know nothing, might have had animous towards Jews. For whatever reason, they may have been doing the 21st-century, Western equivalent of the old blood libel. That is also a very disturbing thought.
  3. Many of the names are redacted. It’s entirely possible that the redacting decisions were made with an eye to highlighting Jewish names (whether those named Jews did what was alleged or not). The redacted names far outnumber the unredacted names and they might all be non-Jewish. If this theory is correct, it’s even more disturbing because it shows how anti-Semitism has infused every American institution.
  4. Or of course, God forbid, there could be even more Jewish names behind the redactions. I don’t want to contemplate that.

The Bible is the start of sexual morality. Jews were the first people in the Ancient world to decide that, if we are made in the image of God, sex is something sacred. We don’t have temple prostitutes, we disapprove of prostitution generally, marriage is a sacred covenant, the human body is to be cherished not desecrated — all of that came from the Jews, although these same ideas spread too and infused the Christian world. Epstein, a genetic, not a religious, Jew was bad enough. There’s every reason to believe that he was a neo-pagan, not in a good “up with the dawn to worship the sun way,” but in a temple prostitution/human sacrifice way. It would be a great deal worse to know that more Jews were involved.

The one other point is that Epstein only took successful people to his island. He knew that all people are corruptible and, as I’ve written before, extremely successful people are exceptionally corruptible. Rather than feeling humble before God because of their success, they start thinking that they are some type of god or demigod. Once they start believing that, they believe that all morals are only for the little people. That’s a fatal disease that strikes the rich and powerful in every society and at all times in history. People with that egotistical sickness will happily hang with a neo-pagan, if for nothing more than the thrill to their jaded palates.

Anyway, here are the threads from Techno Fog and Cernovich:

A thread by Techno Fog

The Ghislaine Maxwell (Epstein) documents have been unsealed.

Will be posting excerpts here –

Starting with allegations of minor being trafficked to Maxwell, Prince Andrew, and Alan Dershowitz (as prev. alleged).


The trafficking scheme was international in scope – in France, Ghislaine Maxwell ordered her give an “erotic massage” to a French hotel magnate.

Deposition of the victim:

“I was ordered by Ghislaine (Maxwell) to go and give him an erotic massage.”

Serious allegations –

Maxwell directed the minor to have sex with former MIT scientist Marvin Minsky at Epstein’s complex in the US Virgin Islands.

(Minsky pictured.)

Allegations against Dershowitz –

Not only did Dershowitz abuse the minor, but he helped draft a non-prosecution agreement that gave Dershowitz immunity.


Witness interview:

Bill Clinton was at Epstein’s island with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and “2 young girls.”

Emails between Epstein and Maxwell:

Epstein instructs Maxwell on how to deny allegations.

Epstein tells Maxwell:

She had “done nothing wrong.”

“Go to parties. Deal with it.”

This is big:

The FBI was in contact with Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s minor victim back in 2014.

Yet they did nothing.

Heartbreaking –

The minor victim was asking the FBI for the evidence (photos and videos) they seized from Epstein.


So she could prosecute her civil case.

Remember that famous Prince Andrew photo with Ghislaine Maxwell and the victim?

The FBI had their own copy for years – even before the victim’s 2011 FBI interview.

The FBI knew. They always knew.

The DOJ let free Epstein’s co-conspirator’s in the FL case.

This included Maxwell and Sarah Kellen.

Here the victim describes the abuse during flights from Epstein, Maxwell, and Kellen.

Now – let’s put things into context.

We previously broke what the FBI/DOJ (in 2008) knew about Epstein.

Main Justice (DC DOJ) was helping run the Epstein case – and even delayed the grand juries.

At the time Epstein signed his plea deal…

The FBI and DOJ knew it had not interviewed all his victims.


End of the TechnoFog Thread and beginning of the Cernovich Thread:

A thread by Epstein Files Unsealed by Cernovich

Epstein files are unsealed!

Reading them now.

There are still some redactions of names.

Epstein documents still contain considerable redactions of people who allegedly participated in the sex trafficking.

Men who Ghislaine Maxwell directed Virginia Giuffre to engage in activities with, according to Giuffre’s deposition:

– Alan Dershowitz
– Glenn Dubin
– Stephen Kaufmann
– Prince Andrew
– Jean Luc Brunel
– Bill Richardson
– Marvin Minsky

Other names, many more names, redacted.

Read the full deposition here: (