Can we make our elections more fair? (By a Guest Author)

It would require a constitutional amendment, but my guest author posits a way that the feds can standardize stringent anti-fraud controls.

A friend who wishes to remain nameless emailed me a suggestion for standardizing an anti-fraud approach to handling federal elections. It requires more federal control, something that should make everyone nervous, but I think there’s the nucleus of a good idea here. It’s ridiculous that lotteries have more hedges against fraud than elections that will decide our country’s future.

Federal Elections for POTUS, Senate and House of Representatives

In the past 20 years election integrity has taken a big hit, starting with Gore-Bush in 2000. Since then much has been written and talked about election fraud, ballot harvesting and other similar tactics to win an election. Today it has reached a peak and involves hundreds of lawyers nationwide to protect our freedom to vote.

In 2018 ballot harvesting in California enabled Democrats to take control of the House of Representatives. On election night many GOP candidates in CA were easily winning their districts. However, due to new laws passed by the Democratic controlled State of California, tons of mail-in ballots showed up voting Democrats into office.

In several states it has been proven people have voted twice from two different states, twice from two different addresses, and in California people are allowed to vote by mail-in AND then vote in person on election day as there is no verification process to prevent such actions. Many states have changed their laws to mass-mailing of ballots to supposedly registered voters, regardless of whether or not the list is up-to-date and/or accurate. There is little knowledge of how many dead people voted in the past few elections. In 2016 there were more people voting in Cook County (Chicago) than registered voters.

Regardless of these issues how can we fix the problem and bring back integrity of voting?

One solution to consider: Put Federal elections in control of the US Government.

Have you ever played the Powerball Lottery? Or Megamillions? Each lottery is similar. Buy a ticket from a local vendor who has a machine electronically attached to a lottery server. Your ticket numbers are drawn at random or picked by you, then the ticket is recorded and the data stored on a lottery server. After the drawing you take your ticket to a local vendor where they scan your ticket and compare it to the numbers drawn. The lottery server verifies your ticket is legit then compares your numbers to the winning numbers. According to their rules you get a payout if you win any of their options.

Do you have a credit card? You place an application and get issued a card, most of the time from a bank. You go shopping and decide to pay by credit card. You insert your card into a machine tied to a credit card server, it verifies your card, the vendor should verify your identity, then the amount of your purchase is recorded. It is a system we are all familiar with.

What if the US Government started a similar service to manage federal elections?

Step 1 – set up a registration service where voter registration data can be stored.
Step 2 – US Government sets up registration services at every USPS facility
Step 3 – issue a federal voter registration card, i.e. like a credit card.

– Your application is accepted with proof you are a US Citizen (passport, birth certificate, legal docs)
– Your picture is taken
– You are issued a registration card with your name, registration number, address and picture
– If you belong to Costco you go through this same procedure to get a membership card the size of a credit card

When it is time to vote:
Step 1 – go to the USPS to vote
Step 2 – enter your voter card into a scanner that verifies you are qualified to vote
Step 3 – vote on a machine tied to the voter service server

– Your ID is verified – you can only vote once
– Your vote is tallied instantly
– You can only vote for POTUS, Senate and/or House of Representatives

This solution is similar to any lottery game or any credit card company. It is safe, secure and solves all the major voter fraud situations happening or have happened in our current system.

Other voting requirements get handled by each US State according to their requirements and policies. It would be good if they went to a similar system but each state has its own agenda.

This opinion is only a broad stroke over the subject of VOTING. If Congress and society choose to make such changes then all the details and refinements would be addressed to make the process fair and balanced so that there is no specific advantage of any political party.

Bookworm here again. What I like about this post is that my friend is brainstorming solutions to a dangerous problem. We’ve seen that leftists will constantly change the rules to give themselves an advantage. On the one hand, the current Constitution and their own state laws allow them to change the rules. On the other hand, there’s something immoral and damaging to reshuffle the deck every time you don’t like the cards being dealt. In a country bigger and with more citizens than the Founders could ever have imagined, an amendment may be the answer.

Image: Voting booths in Orlando, Florida. YouTube screengrab.