Bookworm Beat 11/22/20 — a few quick takes

Some people do spring cleaning. I do Thanksgiving cleaning. I like to meet my favorite holiday with a house that shines. Between that effort and paid work, I don’t have time for a long post. There are things, though, that I wanted to share:

Don’t despair about Sidney Powell. You’ve all heard some variation of “the real Trump legal team fired Sidney Powell.” I’m not ready to believe that. First, I think there was massive voter fraud and that a lot of it was done by computer systems. (Check here for a long list of evidence.) Also, it’s inconceivable to me that the man who could draw 12 people to a rally not only beat Trump (52,000+ at a rally), but also got more votes than Obama ever did.

Second, Michael Flynn, Jr. has two parleys that explain what may really be going on, which is that this is a financial separation:

Third, I refuse to be thrown by the Washington Examiner’s assertion that “sources close to the president” say Powell lacks evidence to back up her claims, so the legal team is running scared and dumping her. In the Trump White House, these unnamed “sources close to the president” are invariably NeverTrumpers. It’s possible that this time the source could be correct but I’m not panicking yet.

This is one of the saddest videos I’ve ever seen:

American Leftism is toxic and, ironically, it inflicts its worst harm on the people who are most loyal to it: Blacks.

Even little alligators are still alligators That doggy was so lucky its owner was nearby. I’m always very careful to carry my little guy whenever we’re close to alligators:

The Great Reset is a thing and Paul Joseph Watson is on it

As we’ve learned in 2020, whenever leftists start talking about “reimagining” things, what they really mean is destroying Western civilization and taking over.

There was a red wave. And Benjamin Braddock’s written about it.

Two Angelo Codevilla articles you should read:

Your FBI Will Entrap You

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