This Thanksgiving, things for which I’m thankful

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I always take a moment to remember all the things for which I’m truly thankful.

For many Trump supporters, this Thanksgiving is an anxious time, rather than a joyous one. Still, there is much to be thankful for — and that’s true even if, God forbid, Biden gets into the White House. In no particular order, and with many things surely omitted because I’m a little rushed, here are things for which I’m thankful:

On a national level:

1. We had at least four years of a Trump presidency, which saw him shore up America’s core national security infrastructure, the economy, the border, etc. He gave America some resilience it will need in the future.

2. Sidney Powell released the Kraken.

3. For four years, America did not get into a single new war and our troops in Afghanistan are coming home.

4. Trump has paved the way for peace in the Middle East while sidelining the execrable Palestinian crew.

5. At least 73 million people (and I suspect millions more) had the good sense to vote for President Trump.

6. Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in time for Amy Coney Barrett to get to the Supreme Court. (I feel God was having his little joke about Ginsburg’s hubris in not retiring during Obama’s presidency.)

7. Mitch McConnell and the other Republican senators held firm on getting Barrett confirmed.

8. Trump’s strong economy has shored up my retirement funds.

On a personal level:

1. Despite the education system having turned both my kids into leftists, we have a strong, respectful, and loving relationship.

2. My kids will be with me for the holidays because I live in a sane, red state.

3. I’m currently cooking a traditional turkey meal (hence my rush with this post).

4. My sister, who has known me longer than anyone else on earth, is one of my dearest friends. We’re as different as two people can be, but we still love each other and, despite her somewhat outrĂ© lifestyle, share the same core values.

5. I have a wonderful dog, no matter what anyone else says. And honestly, having a dog so protective that he forces people to keep their distance from me during a pandemic is a good thing, right?

6. So far, I’m healthy, despite a touch of arthritis here and there, and in this strange year, that’s an exceptionally happy blessing.

7. I have a fulfilling job.

8. I have a good roof over my head, good neighbors, good friends (and I include you, my readers, in that category), and I have the sense every day to count those blessings.

9. I live in America, the greatest country on earth.