The Bookworm Room 2021.07.30 video podcast is up

Despite technical difficulties and the irritating interruption of real life when I’m “recording,” I managed to do another video podcast.

I continue to improve technically. It’s up to you whether my mastery of content is keeping up with that improvement. I also figured out today how to mark spaces in which I wish to insert videos. For this edition, I stuck a clock face in to help me, so you may see that face flicker in now and then. It’s the astronomical clock in Prague.

You’ll hear me waffle on about Simone Biles, Vaccines, Weeping Men, and Old Friends. It’s all terribly exciting (not). But it might at least be mildly interesting, right? The links are just placeholders for visuals so I’m not talking to the background of a blank screen in the video. I won’t muddy up this post with those links.

You can find the Podcast here.¬†Or you can listen to it by pushing the “play” button immediately below:

For those who prefer Apple podcasts, you’ll find it here.

And of course, here’s the video: