Democrats: Doing the improbable

Sherlock Holmes’s famous premise about things impossible or improbable applies with unnerving accuracy to the Democrats’ actions in 2021.

Sherlock Holmes famously told his sidekick, Dr. Watson, that “When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” This is not strictly accurate, of course, because it assumes that we mere living mortals are as good as Holmes was at having eliminated or correctly understood all possible versus impossible options. It is, however, a useful lens through which to examine the Democrats’ actions.

COVID. Biden announced yesterday that his new vaccine mandates are “not about freedom or personal choice.” He’s certainly correct about that. This is pure totalitarianism and it’s the direction in which the Democrats have been going since COVID appeared in America. They were totally ready to act when an unknown but potentially dangerous illness appeared on the horizon. Grossly incorrect estimates about the disease’s deadliness, lockdowns, masks, social isolation.

Nineteen months later, we know that, on average, COVID has a greater than 99% survival rate for people under 70. Democrats, however, seem determined to decrease the disease’s survivability by making it impossible for people to obtain proven remedies — provided that these remedies are used very early after a person gets diagnosed. Both Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have been safely used for decades yet suddenly they’ve been turned into deadly poisonous fish tank cleaner and horse de-worming medicine. This propaganda is sure to increase hospitalizations and deaths.

By increasing hospitalizations and deaths, Democrats achieve three goals: More money for pharmaceutical giants making expensive treatments, more panic (allowing them to continue isolating people and destroying small businesses), and more forced vaccines.

Looking back at the past year, it’s easy to believe that the Democrats mapped out this outcome. COVID was a blessing for them. They destroyed election integrity, got Biden in the White House, and are now destroying the Constitution and gaining complete control over people’s lives and bodies. The improbable conclusion one is easily able to reach is that this was all planned.

Whether they worked with China to release COVID (after all, Dr. Fauci had the American taxpayers help fund its development) or simply had plans in place for any new virus that appeared on the horizon, they were improbably prepared to get all their ducks in a row for a total takeover of the government, the economy, and the very bodies of the American people.

Sex trafficking. First, let me say that I know that QANON has gone into hiding and that there’s good reason to believe it was a Deep State operation used to manipulate conservatives. However, faked or not, the reason QANON made so much sense was that it centered around two things we all know to be true: 1) There is huge money to be made in sex trafficking, especially child sex trafficking, and 2) a lot of rich and powerful people are involved in very sick sexual behaviors, including pedophilia.

For the revolting side of what the Democrat elites do, just look at the “spirit cooking,” which is a trend among connected Democrats. And for the child pornography angle, check out the website Vigilant Citizen.

A lot of what’s at Vigilant Citizen seems to me to be an imaginative stretch about occultism but you really don’t have to buy into everything the writer says to appreciate the posts about pedophilia, whether real or symbolic (here, here, here, here, and here, to list just a few), to understand that there’s a very sick pedophilia edge to the culture surrounding the rich and powerful. (And never forget Bill Gates’s close friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. Even the hard leftists figured out that problem.)

In his nine months in office, Biden has been a boon to sex traffickers, including child sex traffickers. We know that one of the main things crossing our southern border is sex. The same is proving to be true with Afghan refugees flown into the country.

Of the 116,000-120,000 people our military evacuated from Afghanistan, only around 15,000 (and that’s a max) were American citizens or Afghans who worked closely with Americans (plus their families). The remaining 100,000 plus were just people who stormed the planes.

Of those 100,000 people, there were two very concerning cohorts: (1) Military-aged single men who come from a country in which 99% of the people believe in sharia law. (2) Girls who were sexually trafficked and will no doubt be sold at a profit here.

Given that human trafficking is a major fallout of both the open border and the Afghanistan retreat, it is improbable, but entirely possible, that this trafficking is one of the main goals behind the Democrats’ policies.

China. The last thing I want to tag is the benefit all the Democrat policies confer on China. It got its preferred candidate in the White House, it got a destroyed American economy and, in the last few days, it got a mineral-rich country. And unlike past invaders, including the Russians, the Chinese will have no compunctions whatsoever about brutalizing the Afghans. I suspect that the Taliban will first work with China and, in the end, be no match for China. Just think of Tibet.

More significantly, the Biden administration’s abandoning equipment for which the American taxpayers were charged $83 billion could not have been an accident. As John Simpson wrote, the reality is that what was left behind for the Taliban/Chinese was actually worth significantly more than $83 billion because that number doesn’t count the technology we gave away. With what was left behind, the Chinese can now skip their own R&D and instantly create a military that matches us one-on-one when it comes to cutting-edge military technology.

When one looks back at the last 19 months, it’s impossible to ignore China’s presence:

  • China created the virus.
  • China disseminated the virus.
  • China’s economy benefitted madly from the virus.
  • China manufactures the fentanyl that’s flowing across our open southern border.
  • China now owns Afghanistan and its mineral rights.
  • China (and Iran) got billions of dollars in military hardware, along with easily a trillion dollars worth of cutting-edge military technological know-how.
  • China got Trump, its arch-enemy, out of the White House.

And in each case, the benefits to China flowed from deliberately orchestrated Democrat party acts here in America. Here’s that list again:

  • China created the virus — and Anthony Fauci ensured that Americans helped pay for it.
  • China disseminated the virus — and Democrats fought Trump viciously when he shut our doors against China.
  • China’s economy benefitted madly — and Democrats in both politics and the tech world insisted on following WHO guidelines (and censoring any other information), despite knowing that the Chinese dictated these policies and they were perfect for destroying Western economies.
  • China manufactures the fentanyl that’s flowing across our open southern border — and this fentanyl is destroying white working- and middle-class people, the ones who are the Democrats’ political enemies.
  • China now owns Afghanistan and its mineral rights — and Biden’s abrupt, horribly mismanaged withdrawal handed it to them.
  • China (and Iran) got billions of dollars in military hardware, along with easily a trillion dollars worth of cutting-edge military technological know-how — and this was clearly a deliberate gift from Biden because he could easily have made sure that the equipment was either removed or completely destroyed in the months before the withdrawal.
  • China got Trump, its arch-enemy, out of the White House — which, coincidentally, was the Democrats’ goal too.

“When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”