A “Let’s Go Brandon” song for people who like rock, not hip-hop

It’s great that “Let’s Go Brandon” has legs because it speaks volumes about the man in the White House. It sounds good put to music too.

It was delightful when Loza Alexander topped the iTunes chart with his hip-hop version of “Let’s Go Brandon.” How often do conservative memes go viral that way? However, for those of us who are not hip-hop fans, it was easier to appreciate the song in theory, rather than in fact.

Thankfully, my friend Angelo DiPippo, of the Cosmic Order Band, has come out with a “Let’s Go Brandon” song for the rock ‘n roll fans. Not only will you like the music better if you’re a rocker, but the song also has real lyrics that actually remind us just who this “Brandon” really is and why it would be a good thing were he to “go” somewhere, anywhere, just not here.