The Bookworm Thinker for 26 Oct 2021

Welcome, all, on this date of 26 Oct.  On this day:

1774 — The First Continental Congress adjourned on this date, subject to the agreement that the participants would reconvene if Britain did not reconsider its militant policies towards the North American colonies, and in particular its imposition of the Intolerable Acts.  There was very little talk yet of declaring independence, and most colonists hoped that the rift with the mother country could be healed.  History would have been very different had Britain taken a more conciliatory approach to the colonies at any time before 1776.

Now on to the important part of this post.

Ms. Book W. Room, writing under the nom de guerre of Andrea Widburg, is employed by the conservative site, American Thinker, to edit submissions to the site and to write several daily posts of her own.  Below are her posts on this date.  Since commentary to the posts are restricted at American Thinker (long story), feel free to comment on the day’s offerings below.

Today’s Offerings:

A Black Harvard undergraduate sees only her own skin color

Critical Race Theory demonizes Whites and seeks to create dangerous racial tribalism within America.  Less obviously, CRT (by which I mean all variations of the theme holding that America and White people are irredeemably racist) is that it paints minorities, especially Blacks, as pathetic, helpless people.  For all the talk about “Black power” and “strong Black women,” those Blacks marinated in CRT view themselves as weak — and nothing illustrates that better than Kyla N. Golding’s opinion piece in the Harvard Crimson.

Golding, two years away from graduation and a “Crimson Editorial editor,” decided to go public with her decision to fall off the pre-med track.  It wasn’t that she discovered that the work was boring or difficult, or that her goals changed.  Instead, this gal who planned to be a STEM major discovered “how white supremacy lives and breathes in each of our bodies, spreading between each of us — body to body — like contagion.” . . .

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Comment from Wolf:  This person, who could have been a productive member of society, has had her life radically altered by the people at Harvard spewing this CRT poison.  As Thomas Sowell noted recently:

Low-income minority students, especially, cannot afford the luxury of having their time wasted on ideological propaganda in the schools, when they are not getting a decent education in mathematics or the English language.

When they graduate, and go on to higher education that could prepare them for professional careers, hating white people is not likely to do them nearly as much good as knowing math and English.

This may be a new issue to some people, but such irresponsible indoctrination has been going on for decades. Back in 1993, my book “Inside American Education” had a long chapter titled “Classroom Brainwashing.” . . .


The NIH isn’t just torturing beagles

It’s becoming increasingly easy to see that Anthony Fauci isn’t just a power-mad bureaucrat, but also a malignant narcissist.  Over the last two days, increasingly awful details have emerged about the beagles who suffered terribly thanks to experiments Fauci funded.  Then, yesterday, word emerged that the entire NIH is good with torturing animals, for the NIH has used hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars for cruel experiments on animals, all of them of seemingly dubious value. . . .

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